You won't believe what I need help with

I just found out for certain last night that my dad and stepmother are coming Thanksgiving week. As you know, I've kind of negelcted the house for Nano. (I cleaned pretty good right before, though.) And next week is shaping up as the week from hell. So short of begging you to come help me (though my mother in law offered) I need advice on what works for you.

My main problem is the bathroom. I have an automatic shower cleaner, but my shower door is still lime-streaked and it doesn't get to all areas of the shower. I have one of those Mr. Clean scrubbers, but that leaves streaks behind, too.

My toilet is another problem. I clean at least once a week with those disposable brushes, but there's deposits around the rim. I have the Clorox you drop in the tank, but it's not helping. I tried this

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but it doesn't reach high enough to help.

Has anyone tried this? It's $10, so I want feedback before I try it.

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What do you use to mop your floors? I have stuff for my wood floors but not my tile.

And lastly, and most importantly, pet hair! My stepmother is allergic and I have 4 cats. I have this glove I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond that pulls up hair, but it gets clogged pretty quick.

Also, if anyone could add more hours to the day, that would be GREAT! (Of course, I'd use them to sleep.)

Now, to take away the pain of talking housecleaning....

I didn't like Supernatural last night. I thought it was very weak. I missed the first half of Grey's and all of Office because I was on the phone (Tivoed that, though, and Grey's is on again tonight.) I really like Addison.

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Anonymous said...

I use Method shower spray after every shower. It gets rid of mildew, lime, etc., after only a few days. You can buy the Method line at Target.
For really tough bathroom gunk, use the heavy-duty Mr. Clean Magic Sponge.
For our kitchen floor, I use the Method floor cleaner. And the Swiffer WetJet for accidents I need to clean up quick.
As for pet hair and allergies, I use a special Arm & Hammer carpet powder that has something about allergies on the label to help vacuum up pet hair. I don't have any tricks for furniture other than elbow grease, unfortunately. But when you're all finished, spray the heck out of every soft surface in your house with Febreze Allergy Reducer spray. I had a deathly allergic houseguest for Thanksgiving last year (and we have two dogs), and that worked wonders for him. I also went to the drug store and bought Claratin and put it on his bed in case he had a flare-up.
Good luck!

Stacy Dawn said...

Yikes. I admit, I hate housecleaning. Good luck! I'll be popping back to find out what works too!

Stephanie said...

Easy-off has a product called BAM! that is amazing for showers. I love it.

Kelly Boyce said...

I like CLR for getting the lime off shower doors.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

If your tile is ceramic tile, just use ammonia and water. When we bought our house, that's what the owners said the installer told them to use. It's cheap and easy and does a very nice job.

I liked Supernatural! Not the best show ever, I'll agree, but I did like the brotherly stuff.

"Matlock!" Hee!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Favorite Step Daughter!
I am up at the lake..your dad has been out chasing deer since 5am and I am getting the wireless and printer working at the cabin.Once in awhile I check out your blog...still trying to figure out what Nano means...but that is a different conversation. I am chuckling over you stress. Isn't having company a pain? I was in a similar situation right before Gary,Janice and your Grandma came for their visit in October. The house was clean...cause I pay for that, however the 25 unfinished projects had your dad and I exhausted. I told Gary and Jancie that they can't take 3 years in between their visits...too many projects were left was hard to catch up. Anyway - I take Clariton every morning..helps with the cat don't sweat that one. Also we are planning on using one of your hoses and with a flick of the old propane heater, we have a shower. Do those shower cleaner gizmos really work? I do have to clean the cabin..mumph..and had to start using a product called...Iron Out for the yellowing in the like a charm.
I am really looking forward to seeing you guys. Your Dad and I are excited about our road trip and just getting a change of scene and visiting with you guys. Did I say 'visiting'? I think that word just popped into my life in the last couple of years...old age signal. So don't burn yourself out...I want you to be relaxed and ready to play with us for a couple of days. BTW - are we going to your moms for thanksgiving? I would be happy to cook something in your kitchen,,,or buy pies...let me - your nosy stepmother!

MJFredrick said...

Hi, Sue! Nano is short for National Novel Writing Month, a challenge where we try to write 50,000 words in a month. That won't be a whole story for me, but so far I'm on track, at 2000 words a day.

The automatic shower cleaner works when Josh remembers to turn it on. He doesn't like it because it hangs behind the showerhead and he bumps his head, so he hangs it on the towel rack instead.

I'm still going to pick up the Febreze Heather mentioned. Sounds like a good product. You're welcome to use our showers, I just want them spic and span!

Yep, Mom is having Thanksgiving. She's doing the turkey and ham (I offered to do the ham), sweet potatoes and Jello salad. She still wanted to do a dessert, but we'll have way too many if she does. We can make something here, or get pies, whichever. I'm taking green bean casserole and cranberry chutney.

MJFredrick said...

Heather, I forgot about those Magic Rubs! I love those!

Stephanie, I have some BAM! around here somewhere...I think in the kitchen. I tried the Miracle Foam, too.

Natalie, the Matlock bit was funny. I loaned the DVD set to my mom, and now I'm having withdrawal!

Amie Stuart said...

I use the swiffer mop (but we have linoleum) and for bathtub lime I swear by CLR. Our house was so nasty when I moved in and that's the only thing that would clean the tub and showers...and toilet *sigh*

GOod luck!


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