This Week in TV

It just wouldn't be right for me not to comment on TV this past week.

Monday-Prison Break and Heroes.

I was ready to quit watching Prison Break because, well, I don't care anymore. But the last 20 minutes, with Linc and LJ getting caught, and Guard Boy holding T-Bag, I may give it another shot.

Heroes - so maybe it's not Nikki we're worried about. If she has powers and her husband has powers, what about the kid? And now that he's seen his dad beat up his mom by putting his HAND through her, he's sure to be normal. Hiro and his sidekick barely missed being killed by alter-Nikki....what else? I don't even remember.

Tuesday - Standoff was Blah. The best thing about the show is their relationship and it was barely in evidence this week. Lame.

I didn't see all of The Unit, either.

Wednesday - Jericho. Seriously. It's the apocolypse and you're celebrating Halloween? At least we'll be moving out of the microcosm while Jake and bro go look for daddy's medicine.

Lost - way to seriously piss me off, going and killing one of my favorite characters, especially after backstory that told us what we already knew. At least we got to see the smoke monster (but really? Smoke? How scary is that?)

The Nine - watched the first half hour and lost interest. To be fair, it was the first day of Nano.

Thursday - Earl and The Office are still wonderful. Grey's - I'm getting tired of the Burke/Cristina story, though I wonder what Bailey's going to do now that she figured it out. Everything else was McBoring.

Friday - BSG. Who knew Starbuck would be the one to pull it together and Tigh would bail? And in Paula's words, Tahmoh Penikett is HAWT.

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I haven't watched Supernatural and Bones yet.

I'm also working on my soundtrack for this book. I need some women empowerment songs. Any thoughts?


Amie Stuart said...

Aretha Franklin and some...oh what's her name, that chick from the Eurythemics--Annie Lennox! Old school female empowerment music =)

THe Nine has totally lost me. I could care less. Jerricho is losing me.
Sadly they cancelled Kidnapped =(

Heros is just sucking me in deeper and deeper! I bet that kid is the most powerfl of them all and doens't know it. Lost pissed me off too =( PB rocked!!!!!!!!

The Unit was good and so was NCIS and Criminal Minds. Bones was good and so was Supernatural! BSG? WEEEEEEEe I kept waiting for Tigh to put a gun in his mouth and in essence he did. Go Starbuck! I've been waiting on her to cut that damned hair off!

Anonymous said...

but really? Smoke? How scary is that?

Well, when it can pick you up and slam you against a tree... *g*

I gave up completely on The Nine. I was never really all that excited about it even from the first episode. It's more fun to watch Sci Fi Investigates and see Rob Mariano from Survivor get freaked out by the funniest things. *g*

Trish Milburn said...

I'm so bummed I missed PB. I didn't know Linc and LJ got caught! I tried downloading from iTunes, but the stupid file was corrupted. And I can't watch online because the way FOX has their shows set up online doesn't work with Mozilla. Grrr.

I'm with Amie on Starbuck cutting off the hair!

MJFredrick said...

Oh, Annie Lennox! Forgot about her. I was ready to pull out some Sinead - I knoww I have her.

Jericho should be good this week. I liked Bones better than Supernatural - Natalie was right that they messed up the dynamic with the chica. I hope they use her sparingly.

I told my dh that wasn't Starbuck's real hair, that it was extensions, but he listened to the podcast and sure enough, it was her real hair.

Tori, I was kind of hoping for a REAL monster. I mean, why couldn't we have a REAL monster? Remember the thing knocking down the trees in the first season? Why smoke?

Trish! I'm sorry you didn't know about Linc and LJ. They ditched the Porsche, went to a train station, were spotted, bolted and were hit by a car. LJ seems pretty hurt, but Linc is okay. I honestly don't remember what else happened.

Anonymous said...

How about Sheryl Crow "Are you Strong Enough to be my man?" or whatever the heck it's called? :) Happy writing!

Anonymous said...

Oh...I'm watching Prison Break. I love that show!

Enjoy your Monday night tv.

MJFredrick said...

Ooh, Michelle! That sounds good! Must check out iTunes!

Kendra, PB was GOOD last night, wasn't it? Almost as good as last year ;) I'm glad we're back to the conspiracy.


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