Great Kisses

I like kissing. I’m all for the kissing. More kissing, I say. I love just kissing, and I’ve built up a pretty good tension between my characters with the kissing.

Only, writing good kisses are hard. How many ways can you describe it? How many ways can you describe how it makes the characters feel? Why can’t I get the words right on the paper?

What are some of the best kiss scenes – books or movies, for inspiration?


Not finished with the love scene, BTW. And I reached my goal and beyond yesterday.


Kelly Boyce said...

Kissing scenes are one of the things I do well. My critique partner said she's going to commission me to do hers. Now...if I could only translate that into alllll areas I'd be set.

Julie said...

Well there's always the Aragorn and Arwen kiss at the end of Return of the King... as I recall that was one of your favorites. (Mine too.)

The upside-down kiss in the first Spiderman movie was pretty steamy (the one in the rain).

All the sexual tension through "Bull Durham" is both sexy and hilarious.

Anonymous said...

good site

KATZ said...

Okay, here's a few...
1)the kiss between Kate and Sawyer on Lost (which I've mentioned before). Great tension, and then that sexy noise in the back of his throat...

2) the kiss in Pirates2 between Kera and Captain Jack, yum. Great tension there, too, and I'd been waiting for it the WHOLE movie.

3) Kiss in Sabrina between Harrison Ford and Julia Ormand. Just great use of breathing and whispered dialogue that has always stuck with me.

4) And then, a sweet kiss like the one under the mistletoe in While You Were Sleeping - that bit of the "forbidden" giving it an extra little sigh. :)

Great topic!!

Toni Anderson said...

Love kissing scenes. I think Sarah & Julie have covered my favourites!!!

Now I'm going to have to check out my kissing technique (on paper ;) And maybe practise :)

MJFredrick said...

Kelly, you can't leave me hanging like that! What's your method?

Julie, you know me so well!

Okay, gotta go! Stepdad's waiting!


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