I Wish I'd Thought of That.

Have you ever heard an idea or seen one on Publisher's Lunch, or in the movies, and think, dang, I wish I'D thought of that? One of my cps was saying yesterday that she heard of a deal for a book like The DaVinci Code, only the code was hidden in symphony music! Now, I never would have thought of that, BUT....how cool, right?

When Diana Duncan came out with her 24 series, where each chapter was an hour of a day, I wished I'd thought of that.

The Lost Room was SUPER clever, and while I never would have thought about it, I wished I had.

Supernatural, of course. I had thought about a series of books based on actual legends, which the show is, but it didn't include two hot brothers ;)

Pirates of the Caribbean.

I'm sure the list is longer, but I'm hungry. Is there anything out there you wish YOU'D thought of?

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Julie said...

X-Men. DARN I wish I'd thought of that! Every time I see one of the movies I kind of groan to myself.

Trish Milburn said...

Buffy and Angel. I know, big shocker.


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