Who is this procrastinator and what is she doing in my body?

Usually by this time of the year, I’ve started my Christmas baking, at least have my ingredients. I’ve already written my Christmas letter and have my cards organized into stacks of who gets letters and who doesn’t. The ones who don’t get letters have probably already been mailed. I at least have a good list of what gifts to get.

This year, I have the cards sitting here, still in boxes. No letter written. No stamps. I bought some ingredients yesterday, but my grocery store didn’t have some of them, so I need to go to WalMart. I do have most of my decorations out, but I haven’t put the totes they’re stored in away. My new lighted wreath isn’t hung. I have several homeless decorations sitting in the corner of my kitchen counter. I just put the decorations on the tree on Saturday, a week after I put the tree up. No lights outside.

And shame of all shames, I still have my Halloween welcome mat.

And I have only two gifts bought. I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN SHOPPING.

I mailed my GH entry the Friday after Thanksgiving, though the book was finished.

I told Trish I’d submit our workshop to Dreamin’ in Dallas and that was in September.

It takes me weeks to reply to emails.

What’s going to happen? I’m going to FREAK OUT pretty soon, realize what hasn’t been done. But right now I’m completely shut down on the whole idea of Christmas.

This isn’t like me, and I’m worried!

Oh, and I’m having trouble with my book and I bid on the haunted house charm and lost and I think it’s an omen.

No wonder I’m having trouble – I’m stuck on Halloween!

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Peggy said...

And I've actually improved this Christmas. Normally, I'm so last minute. But I only have stocking stuffers and Christmas jammies for the kids to buy.

Jill Monroe said...

I am notorious about cards going out like on the 24th!

Glad you mailed your GH entry off!!! Sending those vibes.

Jill (who's ashamed to admit I didn't even put out my Halloween mat out - what kind of teacher am I???)

Here's to not procrastinating this week. AND hey, y ou were doing the NANO - it's not like you were slacking!

Trish Milburn said...

Jill's right. You're probably still recovering from NaNo and the big family visit. Why don't you take a day sometime this week and not do anything but relax. Read Christmas novellas, watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music. Maybe it'll get you in the mood to shop.

Toni Anderson said...

Last year this was me--so I gave up on the cards :) This year I'm organized because the inlaws arrive Wed for a week in snow and frigid temps.

Good luck with the GH!!

Shesawriter said...

Gift cards. :-) For everyone.

Even the kids.

Colleen Gleason said...

I'm procrastinating too, this year. What is it? Usually, I've done almost all of my shopping and half of my wrapping...but not this year.

Must be something in the air.

Good luck with the GH, Mary!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

No wonder I’m having trouble – I’m stuck on Halloween!

That's what I was gonna say! LOL

MJFredrick said...

I'm not too hopeful about the GH this year. This book hasn't finalled the other two times I sent it. I lopped off the first few pages, though, so we'll see.

I feel like I was slacking, though, even though I KNOW writing isn't slacking. Sad, huh?

I did take my Christmas music to school. Maybe I should listen to some on the way to school, too.

I'm thinking of blowing off the cards, except for a very few.

Definitely gift cards for the folks and brothers. Cindi and her family are stumping me. I need to hit Big Lots or something, I guess. And I need gifts for my class. And my dad. (Any good suggestions for book on tape?)

Colleen, even my mom is not in the spirit - now THAT'S unusual.

Great minds, Natalie ;)

Faith Bicknell said...

I haven't bought any Christmas cards yet, and have only got one present each for my kids so far.

MJFredrick said...

Faith, I've had my cards since after Christmas last year ;) I always buy them on sale because one of my art projects is for the kids to make song books and illustrate them with pictures from cards. The kids may have more to choose from this year ;)

My son's gift is one that is bought - thanks to his dad!

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