Top Ten You Tube Videos of 2006

6:00 today - yay! At least I'll be used to getting up early when I go back to work next week.

I went shopping yesterday, but the only good sales were Kohls and Penneys. I got my son a sportscoat for $50, and my husband three sweaters and two shirts for $110. I bought myself a Christmas bear at Cracker Barrel.

Today I have to return some stuff to WalMart, go to the grocery store, go get more yarn at JoAnn's (I'm half way through with an afghan), go to Blockbuster, then lunch with JoAnn.

Tomorrow, my teacher friends want to get together. After that, I'm locking myself up till January 3.

Okay, here are the top ten You Tubes I saw in 2006. Tomorrow, top ten Supernatural stuff - all kinds of stuff!

10) Interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan at the dog park

9) baby belly laugh

8) kitty fell asleep

7) VERY cool commercial

6) Colleen's book trailer

5) Another JD interview

4) Supernatural Bloopers (A 2-parter)

3) Funny cats

2) The Evolution of Dance

1) The Treadmill Dance


kris said...

The Treadmill Dance! YES! This was my ultimate favorite. It makes me grin every single time I see it.

MJFredrick said...

Supposedly they did it again live on the VMA show - very impressive!

But what about the sleeping kitty??? SOOOO cute!

KATZ said...

My girls and I watched the cat videos - great entertainment. We even went over to You Tube to catch some more. :)

MJFredrick said...

Sarah, I LOVE cat videos. The kitty falling asleep is so sweet, but the cats playing "mirror" is amazing!


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