I wrote my Nano book one hundred percent at this computer. Okay, 99%. I would write a few scenes in my little Pirates of the Caribbean notebook if the urge hit.

Breaking Dawn I mostly wrote on my Alphasmart. Of course I mostly worked on it in the summer, and in my backyard. And you can see the word count thus far isn’t that impressive. (I promise to get back to it as soon as I have a good draft of Ghost Hunters – which obviously needs a new name.)

But on the ghost hunter book, I couldn’t get anything out on the keyboards. I’d sit and stare, or hop over to the internet (which is down this morning – grr.) On a couple of days during BIAW, I was able to get 8 pages, but it felt distant.

So I got out my Pirates of the Caribbean notebook and a gel pen and went to town on the story. I told my dh later that it was a story I had to touch. Spy Girl was in my head, Breaking Dawn has been a struggle with all the interruptions, but this one felt just beyond my reach.

I made a collage on Saturday, and the next day made a page in the notebook for each house, what would happen at each. I still want to get some poster paper or something to make a bigger chart of what happens at each house (I’m sure that will go well with my Christmas decorations.) But I can feel the story now, I know the story for the most part. I need to work out the end and the, ahem, steps of the romance, but I think if I can get my h/h on the same page at the same time, they can figure it out.

I do need to change his name. I thought Mal, but it’s not working for me. No, not changing it to Dean.

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