Random Wednesday

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Wow, has THIS been a long week. And it's only Wednesday!!! And I can't find my favorite denim skirt to wear today....

Stared at my cover ALL DAY. Got hugs from teachers who are proud of me.

Managed to get to my blog from school yesterday! Shock!

I DID write yesterday, but longhand, since the boy was working on a paper all evening. I REALLY need to get back to the storyboard, because stuff is happening ALL out of order, and I don't like that.

Since Trish is on the train and without Internet, we talked on the phone.

The boy and I were on our own for dinner, so I got a pizza and Shrek 3 and Ocean's 13. We ate the whole pizza, saw Shrek, wasn't impressed (except for the gingerbread man's flashback - I LOVED that.) Started Ocean's 13.

Finished Dear Santa, was very good. Started Witch's Canyon. Worst First Chapter Ever. Yeesh.

Col front coming in tonight - FINALLY. It's been summer-like.

What're you up to?

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Jill Monroe said...

That's a bummer about Shrek 3. We've been wanting to watch it.

Hope Ocean's 13 is better.

Yea on the writing!

MJFredrick said...

Well, to be fair, I only liked Shrek 2. I wasn't wild about the first one, though it's funnier than this one.

Ocean's 13 ROCKED!!


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