Yesterday I Made My CPs Cry, and Goals

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Yesterday I was gone 11 hours. When I found out only 3 of us were at critique, I thought I'd be home early afternoon, easy.

I left at FOUR! But I got REALLY good feedback on BD. In fact, one of my cps hadn't been able to print out all my pages, so the other cp was telling her about one of the scenes and CRYING. Wow, did I feel good!!

Then I came home and we FINALLY went to The Gristmill to celebrate my contract. We took my MIL, and finally told her about the contract when we were taking her home. She got mad she was the last to know, but she isn't, really. It's just weird.

Anyway, I've got to get to work. I'm only going to breakfast and a quick grocery store trip today, then reading Trish's ms and writing. I am convinced if I'd held off to write the small town story now, I'd be farther along. I'm pretty clueless on this book.


1) Nano (at LEAST 2000 words a day – GOTTA)
2) Read Trish’s ms
3) SARA? (If I can find the boy a way to get to Battle of the Bands)
4) More revisions on Smoke?
5) Write thank you notes for Gateway to the Best
6) Boy’s Battle of the Bands
7) arts and crafts show with my mom (shopping, not displaying)
8) tutoring
9) school website committee meeting
10) get grades in (I’m in good shape here for a change)
11) keep up house

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Jennifer Shirk said...

Yeah, making a CP cry IS a good thing. :)

Kelly Boyce said...

Way to go making your CP cry! Good job.

MJFredrick said...

I thought it was pretty darn cool. Then when she was talking about it, she choked up again!

I felt awesome ;)


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