Fathers and Sons Again

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I got all my goals met by 6 PM last night! Awesome. I had a moment of panic when I thought I lost my 850 words on Write or Die but I found them. Whew. I think I had so much energy because it was a gorgeous day and Problem Child gave me a bit of a break.

This weekend my favorite subject was brought to the forefront again—the relationship between fathers and sons. Several things made me think about it—my cousin Greg and his son, the movie The Proposal and the show Parenthood.

My cousin Greg was here to see his son graduate at Lackland AFB. We didn’t have time to see them together, but the pride with which Greg spoke of his son (who is a month older than my son—I can’t imagine the boy going into the service) really made me long to watch them interact. He said he cried for a week when his son left. Wow.

Now I know my husband loves my son, but he takes things more as a matter of course, more as something that is expected, I guess. And let me tell you, the two of them cannot be in a room for long. They butt heads like nobody’s business. Even if they agree on something, the dh will find a way to play devil’s advocate and rile the kid up.

My father and brother have a very distant relationship, and my step-dad and other brother butt heads a lot, too. I see the same kind of head-butting on Parenthood, between the oldest son and the dad. I wonder if it’s just a force of nature.

3 days to Clash of the Titans!



Kelly Boyce said...

I think its the testosterone. My brother was the first son and child born into the family and my mother doted on him to the exclusion of almost everything else, including my father, which I think set up a bit of jealousy there. But my brother always seemed oblivious to the jealousy and they got along fine for the most part. Now that my brother has kids of his own he has a whole new appreciation for my father I think.


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