Friday, eBooks and Exhaustion

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I don't actually have writer's block. In fact, during today's very stressful hours, I was wishing to write, just to escape for that little bit. Of course right now I'm too tired. I even took an Ambien last night and STILL managed to wake up for an hour and a half around 3. Problem Child is completely kicking my butt. I recalled today that I had a child like him my first year at this school, with such hatred that I couldn't reach around her, and I absolutely failed her. I am no wiser now.

I'm playing with the idea of buying more ebooks because I of course do not have enough. I like to buy Harlequins and such from Fictionwise because there's a discount, and you get a rebate toward buying more books. But at the same time, I wonder if I should wait and spend my money on the new Nora and new Jill Shalvis. Trying something new vs. tried and true, you know? And yes, I'll still buy the new Nora even though the last two haven't been keepers for me.

I wish I could take a nap but am waiting for my cousin, who's in town from CA, to let me know if they want to get together tonight or tomorrow. The dh and I are hoping for tonight, because the boy is off work and the dh has a gig tonight, which means he'll be toast tomorrow, but so far no word. And you know that makes me nervous.

What's on tap for your weekend?



Mary Curry said...

So sorry about your troubles with problem child. It's always the ones you fail who stick with you.

Here's hoping you have a relaxing weekend. Do you get time off for Easter?

Mary Curry said...

Meant to say - the ones you feel like you've failed. I don't believe it's ever total failure if you've tried because they have to sense - on some level - that you cared enough to try.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Mary. He's a drug baby, and man, I would love to meet his mother. What gets me is that the grandparents are "raising" him, but they're too tired/whatever to watch him, so he wanders the neighborhood, stays at the library (which I guess is better than alternatives) because they don't have the energy to deal with him. And when I call for back-up, Grandpa says he'll tell Grandma and she'll get back with me but never does. This week should be better--it's always the first week back from holiday that are the worst.

We get a four day weekend this weekend. I may go see Clash of the Titans every day. :) See, that's something else, both Problem Child and I are excited about the movie, can talk about it, but then when he's expected to do what the other kids are doing--backlash.

Marianne Arkins said...

I <3 ebooks now that I have my Nook. It's almost all I read.

And... I just reread the new Nora books (the first two) and I still love them. So funny that you don't!

Hope things get better for you.


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