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Have I mentioned I hate testing?? I went to bed at EIGHT THIRTY last night and slept till 5:30!!! I did finish reading The Ghosts, though.

So. I've written 7 pages this month. Yes, that's Seven Pages in One Month.

And I have to cut them, because the good thing about not being able to do anything while the kids are testing is that you can work through stuff in your mind. What I'd written made sense plot wise but not character wise.

When did I become a dilettante, more interested in research and collages and buying charms and finding music for soundtracks and pictures for my blog than I am in writing? I used to give people a bad time for not making time for writing and now I don't. I dabble in writing, and it irritates me that I've changed and can't force myself to change back. Part of me is, "What's the point?" and another part is just too blasted exhausted.

Yet even when I was tired in November, I wrote a book, a book that I love. That still sits in rough draft form and WILL for a few more months if I don't pull it together.

Words of wisdom welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Mar, those of us in the "can't seem to get moving" camp salute you. I have too much going on to torture myself about the lack of pages. You shouldn't do that, either. It WILL return. I promise.


Marianne Arkins said...

Too funny... we're reading the same book! I just picked up "Storm Front" at the library to see if I liked the series... LOL...

Congrats on your forward movement!

Cindy Taylor said...

Mary, I'm having the same problem, and I saty at home! I've written more than seven pages this month, but what started out to be a very productive month has now fizzled to a trickle, and I'm not sure why. I, too, am having to ax and rewrite due to a scene working one way but not another.

I look at it this way. The reason things move slower as you progress is because you've learned something different that you didn't know before, and you have to take it into consideration with everything new you write. This is a good thing, even though it doesn't feel like it.

I might be kidding myself, but it sounds good. :)

Marianne Arkins said...

I occured to me that I may have sounded flippant in my first comment regarding your writing. I know that seven pages isn't a lot -- and it's certainly not the book you wrote for NaNo. But, you also need to remember that it's seven more pages than you had. Push yourself to achieve your goals, but don't beat yourself up too badly when you don't do as well as you think you should.

Dust yourself off, put it behind you and try again.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Maybe you should consider that the research and collages and charms and soundtracks aren't making you a dilettante, but ARE interfering with your creative process.

Maybe you should just stop doing those things and it will free your creativity.

Maybe not. But...maybe.

MJFredrick said...

JoAnn, you DO have a lot going on. My stuff is just...I dunno.

Marianne, Stacy gave me Storm Front at the SARA meeting the other night. I can't get over how well they capture his voice on the show! JoAnn is reading it, too. And you don't sound flip. You're right. There has been some progress. I always wonder why an instant gratification gal like me got into writing....

Cindy, you may be right about needing to process new stuff you've learned before you can put it into the story. Trying to think of what I've learned this month ;)

Natalie, you know, you're probably right. I didn't do a soundtrack for Spy Girl, or any research (which shows) and I wrote that book quickly. Of course, I don't have a soundtrack, collage or research for this book, either....

My last book, the Ghost Hunter one, would only come pen to paper. Spy Girl was at the computer. I was hoping BD would come on the Alpha Smart so I could sit outside with fewer distractions. Maybe I just need to find the right medium.


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