Too Many Stories

I think I know what my problem is....too many stories in my head, and most of them not my own. All these TV shows with overarching storylines have you thinking about them even when they're not on. They're playing out in my head when I'm trying to sleep.

I'm loving Drive, though. And Heroes was awesome last night.

I'm miffed with 24....what do these writers have against strong women? Last year we had the First Lady who took measures, but this year she was in an institution and stabbed her ex-husband, the ex-president. (What was the fallout from that, BTW?) Now they have Karen, the National Security Advisor GIVING UP HER HUSBAND to cover her own butt. UN cool. And stupid Audrey is back, more helpless than ever. And why is Nadia more qualified to take over than Chloe???

Plus, the writers seem so determined to push forward, they never look back. Remember the bomb? Don't you think there'd be more reaction to it than there is? The new president was left out of several episodes while he was in a coma, but no one remarked on it. Just....weird. And 5 more hours to go.

Still crazy about Gilmore Girls. Season 6 will end next week on ABC Family, and Season 1 will start next Friday.

Can't WAIT for the next two Supernaturals, naturally. I've had to delete some from my Tivo to make room (we have NINE Planet Earths we haven't watched), so I'm left with Croatoan, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things and Crossroad Blues. Yes, I deleted Born Under a Bad Sign just yesterday ::WHIMPER::

I watched Pursuit of Happyness yesterday and wasn't left very happy. I started watching Flags of our Fathers but wasn't REALLY watching and the timeline seemed confusing. Did you know Paul Walker is in that?

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Anonymous said...

Drive is great! I'm really enjoying it. And Heroes rocked!

But then there's 24. Last night's episode was just pathetic. *shaking head* Sad. And, why couldn't Audrey stay dead?! Of course now that she's off her rocker and doesn't recognize Jack, she's a little more interesting. *g*

Watching is more amusing when you hang out on Dave Barry's blog. We all poke fun at every aspect of the show. :D

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yes, I deleted Born Under a Bad Sign just yesterday ::WHIMPER::


That is the BEST episode! Not!Sam being all sing-songy ("My daddy shot your daddy in the hea-ad") and Jared's accent leaking through ("...thay-ut gaih") and Dean refusing to shoot him ("I'd rather die") and Dean IN A T-SHIRT. WITH THOSE ARMS.

You need a bigger TiVo, man.

But yeah, that makes perfect sense, about having too many plotlines in your head. I think I have the same problem. :)

I'm loving Drive, too. Heroes I can't watch until Friday because MY TiVo failed to record it last night. Twice.

Kelly Boyce said...

I haven't seen Drive, but I've heard about it. I'm with Tori on 24 - with Audrey potentially whacked it could be more interesting. All I can say though is they better be bringing Bill back to CTU or I will be penning a scathing memo.

MJFredrick said...

Stupid FOX has cancelled Drive. GRRR.

I'm not happy with 24. At all. I LOVE Bill, and that will be what keeps me watching.

Natalie, I know, I know....but I can always buy it again at iTunes. The dh accidentally deleted Hollywood Babylon, too, because it was under "MLB Baseball" instead of "Supernatural." I had to explain NOT to delete the shows with green dots!


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