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Looks like it's going to rain like hell here in a bit. I hope I can get to school first.

Didn't do enough writing this weekend, and am beating myself up. I need two synopses and a first scene for Ghost Hunters before I send to Trish.

I went to get my hibiscus with my birthday money, but didn't see the Sunburst one. I did see a Sunshower one but didn't know what the flowers would look like, so I came home, looked it up, decided I wanted it, and went back. This nursery is not particularly close, but the dh indulged me. This is the Sunshower hibiscus, so it's similar.

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This week in TV (hm, WHY aren't those synopses done???):

Drive was soooo good, and now it’s gone! URGH! My ds looked up Fox’s mailing address to send them hate mail.

I already talked about 24. It may go the way of Prison Break for me.

American Idol was boring. I liked Lakisha, but the judges drubbed her. I thought Jordin was only okay but they loved her. Blake was boring – he really needs to pick it up this week!

Jericho was okay. Do you think they'll use the nuke or the tank against New Bern?

I loved the twist at the end of Lost, and loved Sun’s position between rock and hard place.

I could totally relate to My Name Is Earl, with the burned out teachers!

The Office was good, though I liked last week’s better, with the “un-shun” and “re-shun.”

Supernatural was TERRIFIC. I love John Shiban’s episodes, with the exception of one. I had some questions, but they didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the show, the brotherly moments, the butt-kicking, the scary ghost.

Grey’s was great, too. ALMOST a keeper, and would be if I had more room on my Tivo. I’m not real thrilled with the Addison-centric twist, but I can live with it for a couple more weeks. I LOVED when Cristina picked the cake, and how happy that made Burke.

There was a Gilmore Girls marathon yesterday and I was in heaven. I still have two to watch. Some were quite old, but you could still see the Luke/Lorelei chemistry.

What did you like on TV this week?

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Anonymous said...

The flower is gorgeous. I need to get some flowers and tomatoes next week.

I loved Grey's and Lost. Have a great week and good luck with the writing.

Kelly Boyce said...

Loved Grey's and Lost. Also House and 24 were really good. I'm still laughing over the, "Shun. Un-shun. Re-shun."

Anonymous said...

I am so pissed about DRIVE. They didn't even =try= to give the show a chance!

Loved the twist at the end of LOST, too!

JERICHO, I hadn't even thought about them possibly using the nuke or the tank! You're devious! *g*

Trish Milburn said...

Enjoyed both LOST and Jericho, was glad Heroes was back, loved Supernatural as usual, Blood Ties, and glad that Stargate: Atlantis is back. I heart Ronan. :)

Toni Anderson said...

LOST was great, and THE UNIT, and ER.

Gosh, way too much TV :)

April said...

The flower is beautiful! You'll have to post pics when it blooms!

I'm not particularly happy with the Addison-centric Grey's either. But like you said, it's a short term thing...

MJFredrick said...

I should be getting a flower on my hibiscus this weekend - it has a bud, if the storms don't knock it off!

Kelly, Cindi and I do the "un-shun"/"re-shun" thing all the time at work. People around us are just confused.

Tori, I agree about Drive! And it was getting GOOOOOD.

Trish, I don't see Stargate (THANK HEAVENS!) But now I'm interested....and you're not allowed to start me on anymore shows.

Toni, I hope they have The Unit in reruns this summer - I miss it because of American Idol. And with all the Special Forces books I'm reading, I'm very intrigued. I saw the first season on DVD last year.

April, I actually like Addison, but they're pushing her too hard. The dh said they even film her differently!


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