I went to bed last night at 9:15 to finish reading Dresden. I'm still a few pages from the end - I just couldn't make my eyes focus anymore.

Then storms rolled in around 12:30. The power went out twice after they'd rolled out again, the second a matter of minutes after I reset my alarm.

I woke up this AM to see the last roll of paper towels on the counter in the bathroom, a can of upholstery cleaner on the kitchen counter and the dog was in the garage. I wonder what happened after I went to bed????

It's Fiesta week in San Antonio, and I have all my Fiesta gear out. It's also Play-offs, and the teachers will find any reason to wear jeans, so today is Spurs shirt/jean day. I don't have a Spurs shirt (I KNOW - blasphemy) so I'll be wearing my Fiesta-wear. Do I go to Fiesta events? Noooooo - the dh works them.

I've forgotten how to submit to Superromance. Do they still do IRCs, or what? I need to stop and get nice paper on the way home.

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Anonymous said...

Yes on IRC's. GOOD LUCK! Have fun with Fiesta.

April said...

IRC's is what I've heard too.

Sounds like someone did some sleep-car-detailing. Can you send them my way?

Have fun with Fiesta!

Michelle Rowen said...

I've heard that editors hate getting IRCs because it adds another step to have to cash them in. i could be wrong on this, of course. However, you can buy Canadian stamps online...

MJFredrick said...

Michelle, I'd heard that about IRCs lately. I think I will go the Canadian stamp route.

April, turns out the storm scared the pee out of my dog. No sleep car detailing ;)

Am blowing off Fiesta for critique group - the last Saturday is the King William Fair and I usually go with Cindi and her family. This year, we scheduled critique group, and I sent them a chunk of BD. Wonder if I'll have more fun????


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