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My dh and i were having an argument the other night over the first time I was attracted to him (we went to high school together and I dated one of his friends). He asked if it was when he asked if I was all right (after a fight with another boyfriend) or another time (I forget now.) I was surprised, because I don't remember either of those things. I remember eating lunch with Alan (the boyfriend that was his friend) and my dh coming over and being all cool and aloof and well dressed (Did you ever see the Sinbad special where he talks about not being able to dress himself anymore? That's my dh - what happened???) and thinking, hmmmm. And seeing him in the choir fashion show whe the choir director was trying to get the parents to pony up for new choir uniforms (baby blue - bleh!). I leaned over and told my mom, "Him." And then there was the time we saw the one-act play and he was in it playing guitar, and I thought, "HIM." It took a long time after that - he graduated before we went on our first date (set up by Alan, as it were) and another few months before I asked him out, and 3 more years before we got married, but we remember these things differently.

What about you? How did you meet your SO? And how did you KNOW?

(Never did find a digital pic of young dh and me, and don't feel right putting one in of Gerry.)


Peggy said...

Love "how did you meet" stories! Yours is so sweet! Mine isn't so exciting. He was bestfriend to my bestfriend's boyfriend. She showed him my picture in the high school yearbook (we went to different schools)and, apparently, he fell head over heels in love. (At least according to my bestfriend, hubby denies it to this day.) He asked if he could meet me and the rest is now history.

Trish Milburn said...

First week of my freshman year at college, I went to a reception at the house of the head of the honors program. Saw hubby there, thought was cute, but also thought another guy was cute. Few days later, a friend and I were in the student union, hanging out, trying to be cool freshmen, when hubby goes walking by. She goes, "I know him. He was at Governor's Scholars with me." So, we go outside, and again, I think he's cute. Few days later, friends engineer to get the two of us together. It worked. :) That was 16 years ago, and we have our 13th anniversary in a few days. Wow!

Colleen Gleason said...

Love this topic, and love your story! It is so sweet!

I met my dh during a production of Oliver!. I was the stage manager and assistant director, and he was in the cast. That meant he had to do what I said. *g*

Anyway, when the show first started and we first met, I was dating the guy who plays the villain (Bill Sykes), and my dh was being pursued by my roommate, who was also in the show. That made things a little messy.

But once we actually went out, I knew he was the one. Almost immediately.

And one night we were at the bar, and I got up to leave 'cause I had to work the next day. Future dh was sitting talking to his best friend and wasn't ready to go, but when I left another guy from the cast followed me out to my car.

As my dh tells it, his friend told him he'd better go after me, 'cause the other guy was...and sure enough, Pat was in the middle of asking me out, standing next to my car, when the future dh came striding up and said, "She's already going out with someone. Me."

LOL. My own knight in shining armor.


MJFredrick said...

These are so great! What would be great would be the fellas' pov ;)

Anonymous said...

I met my dh on a blind date. I thought he was cute but didn't think he was The One. Later on, he swept me off my feet and I knew. :)

MJFredrick said...

Blind date, huh? That's pretty cool.


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