Looking Forward

Yes, it’s that time again – time for the “things I’m looking forward to” blog.

I’ll be honest, I love the preparations for the holidays, but I’ve become a bit of a hermit in my old age, so the actual holidays stress me out. BUT, I am looking forward to sweet potatoes tomorrow. And looking at the bargains in the newspaper, maybe even formulating a shopping plan I’m not likely to use because of the whole hermit thing.

I look forward to getting my house decorated for the holidays. I look forward in some small way to baking for the holidays. It was always my thing in December, but every year it gets harder.

I look forward to being DONE with Christmas shopping and Christmas cards (haven’t bought those yet, either.)

I look forward to decorating my classroom. My kids get such a kick out of it.

The next three weeks at school will FLY, with testing and Secret Santa and parties and inservices. I look forward to that.

I look forward to March of the Penguins on DVD, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Serenity.

I look forward to Narnia and King Kong on the big screen.

I look forward to word on the Emily, Launching a Star and Duel on the Delta, my last three contests, outside the GH.

I look forward to being DONE with my stories for awhile ;)

Once I'm done with Surface, I'll switch to another hunk. For now, I need Gerry.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the next three weeks. They're crazy in the yearbook room but still a ton of fun.

Anonymous said...

All good things to look forward to, Mary :)

Toni Anderson said...

Isn't it lovely to look forward to things :) I'm a bit of a dreader--I'm even a bit anxious about going to Florida for 3 weeks (duh?), but Christmas is something I love so much I am always amazed that some people don't enjoy it.

I am hoping I get to do something 'good' for Christmas this year--like donate a bunch of hardly used toys to needy kids or something. I'll have a week before Christmas to sort it out!!

I really love Christmas--plus DH cooks all the roasts!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time off with your family!!!

Trish Milburn said...

Hope you have a great holiday season. I think you forgot to put you were looking forward to Christmas break. :)

J.F. Cossey said...

I hear you on the hermit thing, Mary. I like to be social, but only when I choose to be. The rest of the time I WANT QUIET!!!

As for otherhunks...there ARE???

Hehehe, as someone from Scot heritage, I say Gerry is absolutely fine with me!

MJFredrick said...

That's a great idea about donating the toys, Toni. When I was at the School from Hell, we did a toy drive instead of the customary Secret Santa. I was in charge. It was overwhelming, but gratifying. I kind of miss that.

MJFredrick said...

Jessie, I'm glad you don't mind the Gerry pictures, no matter how deeply I have to go into the barrel. I watched Attila yesterday, needed a fix ;)

And Thanksgiving went well. I couldn't think of much to say to the soldiers - they're so YOUNG! Closer to my son's age, how scary is that?


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