How Market Savvy Are You?

I’ve spent the better part of the weekend burning conference workshops to CDs and writing the titles and names on them in Sharpies (a misnomer, BTW – long titles are cute, but they’re a bitch to fit on a CD.) As I’m writing last names only, I’m wondering how helpful that is to a new writer, or even one who doesn’t know the market.

So I’ve designed this little quiz (hey, I’m a teacher, indulge me. Wish I had Scantrons.)

1) Kate Seaver was a Dorchester editor. Where is she now?

A) Avon
B) Berkley
C) St. Martin’s Press
D) Kensington

2) Lucia Macro is the editor for which best-selling author?

A) Janet Evanovich
B) Jennifer Crusie
C) Sherrilyn Kenyon
D) Eloisa James

3) Which bestselling author runs the Scarlet Boa contest?

A) Debbie Macomber
B) Suzanne Brockmann
C) Stella Cameron
D) JoAnn Ross

4) This agent left Avon to become an agent with Jane Rotrosen Agency.

A) Kelly Harms
B) Johanna Raisanen
C) Kate Seaver
D) Paige Wheeler

5) Krista Stoever is with which publishing house?

A) Avon
B) St. Martin’s Press
C) Steeple Hill
D) Intimate Moments

6) This Tor editor loves paranormals with well-built worlds.

A) Mary Theresa Hussey
B) Erika Tsang
C) Anna Genoese
D) Chris Keesler

7) These HQ editors are big proponents of paranormal and fantasy stories.

A) Patience Smith and Susan Litman
B) Kathryn Lye and Brenda Chin
C) Natashya Wilson and Julie Barrett
D) Mary Theresa Hussey and Leslie Wainger

8) Who is Nora Roberts’s agent?

A) Ethan Ellenburg
B) Amy Berkower
C) Richard Curtis
D) Jenny Bent

9) What house is Charlotte Herscher editing for?

A) Avon
B) Dorchester
C) Kensington
D) Ballantine

10) Diane Dietz heads what H/S line?

A) Intimate Moments
B) Desire
C) Superromance
D) Love Inspired

11) Tova Sachs is with which publishing house?

A) Berkley
B) Ivy
C) St. Martin’s Press
D) Pocket

12) Emily Sylvan Kim is with which agency?

A) Prospect Agency
B) Three Seas Agency
C) Trident Agency
D) Firebrand Literary

13) Editor or agent – Lucienne Diver?

14) Which agency is Miriam Kriss with?

A) Prospect Agency
B) Irene Goodman Agency
C) Richard Curtis Agency
D) Trident Agency

15) Editor or agent – Kristin Nelson?

16) Michelle Grajkowski is with which agency?

A) Prospect Agency
B) Three Seas Agency
C) Trident Agency
D) Firebrand Literary

17) Which H/S line does Laura Shin edit for?

A) Superromance
B) Presents
C) Desire
D) Special Edition

18) Editor or agent – Amy Pierpont.

19) This famous writer has given us archetypes for heroes, heroines and villains.

A) Carolyn Green
B) Cindi Myers
C) Sabrina Jeffries
D) Tami Cowden

20) This author gives a weekly market report.

A) Carolyn Green
B) Cindi Myers
C) Sabrina Jeffries
D) Tami Cowden

Answers tomorrow!


Colleen Gleason said...

Hey! Got'em all but two of the H/S questions. :-) Can't wait to see the answers tomorrow.

Neat quiz, Mary!


Jill Monroe said...

Well done, Mary.

Trish Milburn said...

How cool. I'm only not sure on a couple of these. Can't wait to see the answers.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Great quiz, Mary. I knew the answers to most of them, particularly the agent ones (helpful that I've spent the past 6 months querying most of them), didn't know most of the Harlequin/Silhouette ones since it seems like the line-up changes daily over there!


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