Mary's Day of Writing/10,000 hits!

5:30 wake without benefit of alarm - good! More time to write. No nap time today, either.
Surf internet while eating breakfast, and a little beyond.

6:40 wake the boy, dh suggests I take him to school (he has to go early to finish an art project), that I might actually get some conversation out of him. Use time between now and taking him to school to clean house

7:45 take boy to school (he wakes up as we turn onto the street his school is on), run to grocery store, buy cleaning supplies, as I'm out (how this can be when I rarely clean house, I do not know). As long as I am BICHOKing by 8:30, I will be happy.

8:25 in my chair, in front of computer, 5 minutes early. Answer email till 8:30.

8:30 open word document

8:31 call ortho to reschedule boy's appt, since boy has a field trip he failed to tell me about, and won't be back at school till 1:30 - appt is at 1:15.

8:36 Reeses break

8:40 Cruise internet looking for Gerry pics - need inspiration for final love scene. Save a few for blog.

8:49 Right, back to writing

9:03 laundry!

9:07 back to writing

9:20 maybe that black cherry Fresca isn't so bad

9:22 back to writing

9:40 check counter on blog - awfully close to 10,000 hits

10:20 Whew! done with love scene. Pant pant. My "cut scenes" file is now somewhat bigger, though. Go back through ms, looking for scenes to beef up, as love scene wasn't as long as I'd hoped.

11:00 ortho calls back, appt rescheduled for 3:00. I have to pick my brother up from school at 3:05 - yikes. Call MIL to pick up son from ortho at 3:30.

11:25 get off the phone, decide it's time for lunch, go to McD. No cool front yet.

11:45 sit in front of TV with Big Mac and watch an episode of Tilt with my new boyfriend Eddie Cibrian

12:30 check counter, blog hop for a bit, reopen word document

1:15 leave to pick boy up from school, can see cool front (what we call a blue norther, with leading clouds) but can't feel it

1:30 leave HS with boy, cool front blasting through

1:35 boy gets on computer, I watch another episode of Tilt, laying on couch

2:40 take boy to ortho, run to get brother, take him downtown to the arts and crafts show on Broadway, only spend $16.

5:00 get home, check email and counter, open word document

6:00 call dh wondering where he's at. Decide to go get Chick Fil A for supper.

6:35 get HOME from Chick Fil A (15 minute round trip at the MOST) because traffic is bad, and they didn't have the food ready. Um, dinnertime, most popular item on menu - why not ready?

6:55 get in cozy pjs, curl up on couch to crochet and watch Bones. Favorite episode so far. Watch Earl, too, laugh my head off.

8:30 get up to work on book again, only son is on computer doing homework, blasted kid.

9:00 get computer back, check counter

9:25 get phone call

9:42 get computer back, check counter

9:45 "Mom, I need to check ONE thing." Blasted kid should be in bed.

9:55 get computer back, check counter

10:40 finish scene, go to bed

Fruits of my labor....

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Jill Monroe said...

Very cool, Mary.

Have to say, the day I introduced to my child was the last day I truly had the computer to myself.

Anonymous said...

I admit it. I was Mary's phone call. I hope I didn't interrupt the flow, Mar!

Jill, I relate. My high school junnior daughter has to use the computer a LOT for school, and I have to share. I get most of my work done on my days off when she is in school. Otherwise, it wouldn't be too easy. I need to get that child her own puter...

Yesterday was my teaching day, I teach Speech at a private high school every other day. Then we had a faculty meeting after school. We got home late, but DH had dinner ready, so I didn't have to cook (big kisses to the DH). Then I got two phone calls and made one to Mar. My evening was over already. Did get to watch a smidgen of Commander in Chief. This morning I got up early to get daughter off to school, but DH told me to go back to bed, he would take her. So I got a couple more hours sleep. Now I'm up, doing my email, and then off to the second edit of my book, which I hope to get back to the editor asap. That's my day. I liked yours a lot better, Mar!


Toni Anderson said...

Dora the Explorer is trying to oust me !! I tell them the computer is mommy's work but I can see that changing as they get older :(

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, Mary :)

Sounds like a pretty good day!

Esri Rose said...

This sounds so familiar....

Just substitute chorus business for kid business, and throw in a little whiny cat.

Nikki said...

HA! That was hilarious -- loved the part about having to find inspiration by looking for pics (although I'm not fond of the Gerry pick, but really, you've got to be running out of ones you haven't used!).

Great post ...

MJFredrick said...

I am finding Gerry pics harder to come by. The boy needs another movie out.

I've been looking for pics to show the color of his eyes since a friend has been arguing with me that green eyes are an anomaly, and both my hero and heroine can't have them.


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