Bad Boys

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Napoleon, my bad boy cat, has diarrhea (and if he could read, he would kill me for telling you.) He was on my lap last night, which he NEVER is, and after about an hour, it just, well, I had to go shower. So off to the vet in a couple of hours.

I was talking to one of my critique partners about Pirates 3 and I mentioned how hot Will Turner was. Witness.

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She argued that he was too boring because he was too GOOD. (Debatable in this movie) She's all for the bad boy.

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I'm reading Trish's Coven again as she changes it from third person to first. She wrote it based on Sam, the Good Boy. (Why, yes, I did go looking for the hottest possible picture, why do you ask?)

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I wrote my paranormal basing my hero on the Bad Boy brother.

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Izzy on Grey's Anatomy chose Good Boy (again, debatable) George over Bad Boy Alex. (WHAT the...??)

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So who do you prefer? Good Boys or Bad Boys?

Okay, off to scrap the most boring love scene EVER and start fresh.


Candy Calvert said...

I think--for me--Anne Shirley of Green Gables said it best (something like this): " I like it that he COULD be very wicked . . . but doesn't."


Kelly Boyce said...

I think Candy is onto something! I like good boys. Bad boys can be fun but only short term, unless they are willing to be reformed into good boys. In which case, why not save yourself the trouble and get yourself a good boy with the ability to be a little bit wicked.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yep, I third that. I want the good guy who can be bad-ass when the occasion calls for it.

As for Will versus Jack...Will has better teeth and showers sometimes. I wouldn't want to get within a foot of Jack's hair. LOL

Trish Milburn said...

I think you all have hit it on the head. I love the good guys (Angel, Sam, Will) more than the bad boys (Spike, Dean, Jack) because they are good, heroic, but they can kick ass when the need arises. Angel battles his own kind to keep Buffy and other humans safe. Will does whatever necessary to save his father and Elizabeth. Sam is always there for his brother. Not to mention they're all HOT!

That said, for some reason the bad typically has the best lines (Spike, Jack, Dean), the most quotable ones.

Trish Milburn said...

Oh, and I meant to say, verra nice picture of Sam and his arms. Swoon.

KATZ said...

I'm all about Captain Jack! In fact, my dh thought that WOMEN are driving the Pirates phenom, and I tried to tell him we weren't, that men were into the swashbuckling, too... but I'm not sure I believe it!
I would sit through six more hours of Jack and Will. Will was too good an boring in the first - then really turned it on in the second. Learning from Johnny, I think. :)

MJFredrick said...

LOL - post beautiful men and they will come ;)

Candy, you've given me an excellent idea for my next hero. If I only I could get done with THIS hero....

Kelly, good point about bad boys needing to be domesticated. I watched a bit of Army Wives last night and one of the guys is abusive.

Natalie, LOL on Jack's hair!

Trish, I was thinking of you when I wrote this! And then we ended up talking about it last night! I only wish the Sam pic was bigger.

Sarah, I absolutely agree with your dh that women drive the Pirates phenomenon. In fact, Trish and I were looking for Will Turner shirts last night, came up empty, but there are a LOT of Captain Jack shirts!


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