Walking Away

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I was up till 2:30 last night. I watched 3 movies - The Messengers, Blood and Chocolate and Freedom Writers.

Freedom Writers was INCREDIBLE. I went in with a bleh attitude - I don't care for Hilary Swank, and I've seen every teacher-in-a-poor-school movie, but this one was a lot more raw. I really really liked it. It's a purchase for me.

The Messengers was my second favorite of the night. It's a ghost story with Dylan McDermott (who looked a lot like Gerry Butler in this movie, but that's NOT why I liked it.) He moves his family to North Dakota to raise sunflowers (yeah, I know.) Penelope Ann Miller was his wife, and she moves into this decrepit old house wearing a SUNDRESS. (I said to the dh, "You will NEVER buy a house with boarded up windows, a sagging roof and no paint, got it?") BUT the haunting stuff started almost immediately, and was creepy as heck! And the daughter, who you know did something wrong back in Chicago, but you're waiting to hear what, has to earn her parents' trust and convince them what's going on.

Blood and Chocolate was good, too, about a werewolf clan and a girl meant to be the alpha's new bride, but she falls in love with a human. I really liked the mythology.

Okay, I didn't mean to go on so long about movies. I think I wrote myself into a corner last night. I dunno - I'm less than 50,000 words, I have some circular plot points (h&h go out investigating, they are followed and shot at twice, the third time something ELSE happens) and I just don't have a good handle on it. Everything I'd planned to write this week has gone awry because it's not coming out the way I wanted.

If I cut, it will be 100 pages gone. GULP. I've done it before, and I know it will be better for the book, but 100 PAGES. When I wanted to finish this book.

I should never have contested it, because it's done well, so I don't want to give up on it.

I did write another couple of pages on the vamp book, including the first meet, and I think it can be fun. I may just, as Stacy suggested, work on that for awhile and get distance from BD.

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Kristina Knight said...

I'm glad you liked FW, Mary... I didn't love it but it was okay... I usually love those movies, though, so not feeling that good-wonderful-can't believe it feeling kind of let me down.

Anonymous said...

WOW Mary! You are getting so much done this summer!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Thanks for the movie recs. Blood and Chocolate are in my Netflix Queue but now I'm going to add the Dylan McDermott movie!

Jill Monroe said...

That Blood and Chocolate sounds good - thanks for the heads up!

Wow on cutting. I hate to do it, too.

Amie Stuart said...

Freedom WRiters IS incredible. I was real disappointed in The Messengers though. I hate that they resorted to The Shining like tactics at the end--up to that point it was pretty good. And of course the whole "We're moving into a house that looks like no one's lived in it in 50 years" thing didn't work for me either.

MJFredrick said...

Kristi, I'm usually meh about those kinds of movies, so I was surprised to like it!

Mary Beth, I sure don't feel like I'm getting a lot done!

I hope you like them, Elizabeth and Jill, and don't watch them and think, "What was Mary smoking??"

Amie, good point about The Shining tactics. That was kind of a letdown. And there were scenes in the previews that weren't in the movie, now that I think about it. The little boy was SO CUTE, though!


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