Romance Junkies, and Contests again

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AHEM. One of my entries is up at Romance Junkies. I can't tell you which one or I'll be disqualified, but I think you might recognize it!

I read RWR cover to cover the other day, and made a list of contests I’d like to enter the coming months.

I entered Indiana’s Golden Opportunity in the paranormal category because the final judge is from NAL. I also like that it was an e-sub. VERY easy. (I like entering e-subs but not judging.) The question I have is that if I’d mailed it, I would have only paid $30 entry fee, and my return fee is included in that. I paid $32 for paypal and they don’t have to pay return postage. Hmm. Sure, I saved $3, but they made $7!

Then I saw Adam Wilson of Harlequin is judging ST. Didn't I read he left Harlequin? Because I'm tempted....

The next one I’m looking at is Golden Rose, with an August deadline. The ST judge is from NAL. It’s also an e-sub, but it’s $36. It’s 55 pages, which is good, but still kinda high.

After that is Golden Pen. Esi Sogah is the ST judge. It’s $30 for 55 pages. Don’t know who the paranormal judge is yet.

The next deadline is Hot Prospects. I don’t know who the judges are yet, but I won that one one year ;) The fee includes return postage.

Gateway to the Rest has a paranormal judge from Grand Central. I would love to write for them. It’s e-sub and no synopsis.

Fiction from the Heartland, with a September deadline, is print-only. The paranormal judge is from NAL.

Golden Palms has Leslie Wainger as the ST judge. Do you know how much I would love to have her as an editor? And she never judges! I might just blow my budget here and enter 3 books. $30 a pop – gulp!

Then there’s the Suzannah in October. No categories, but if you final, you get in front of 6 judges. I’m debating if the odds are worth it. $25 a pop there.

Last on my list for now is The Emily. The website hasn’t been updated for this year, but I’ve finalled in this one twice and I love those ladies!

So my for-sures are Gateway and Golden Palms. We’ll see about the others.

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Kelly Boyce said...

I was thinking about The Emily too. And there were a couple other contests coming up I'd like to check out. I should hear back on the Windy City final rankings this week, they said by Jun 30th. So I'll see what happens there and then decide. Money's a little tight this summer so I want to get as much bang for my buck as I can.

Gina Black said...

I've mostly quit contests. Nothing out or pending. Good luck with whatever contests you choose!

Unknown said...

RE: the PayPal extra cost

They're making out by not having to pay your return postage, but they aren't making money on the PayPal fee. They have to pay PayPal for each transaction.

MJFredrick said...

Good luck with Windy City, Kelly! I know just what you mean about more bang for the buck!

Thanks, Gina. I have 3 contests, and 3 entries in Romance Junkies, and 1 full and 2 partials out.

Natalie, I know there's a Paypal fee, but if they're paying for postage anyway, why make the people who pay paypal pay for postage AND the paypal fee, when they don't need to buy postage for us? Tacking on the $2 was unnecessary - they could have left it at $30 and still made an extra $3.


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