Market Savvy III Quiz

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I read in one place paranormals are leveling out, in another they're still hot. And still I write.

Here's a new market quiz. It's a toughie!

1) This agent writes the blog, Agent in the Middle.
A. Meredith Bernstein
B. Lori Perkins
C. Jessica Faust

2) This agent’s blog is Pub Rants.
A. Jessica Faust
B. Emily Sylvan Kim
C. Kristen Nelson

3) This agent’s blog is Lit Soup.
A. Jenny Rappaport
B. Jenny Bent
C. Jessica Faust

4) Allison Brandau edits for which house?
A. Berkley
B. Bantam
C. Pocket

5) Sulay Hernandez moved from Kensington to what publishing house?
A. Harlequin
B. Bantam
C. Simon and Schuster

6) Keren Gerlach edits for what house?
A. Pocket
B. Bantam
C. Harlequin

7) If you enter a paranormal contest, which of these editors is most likely to be the final judge?
A. May Chen
B. Chris Keesler
C. Brenda Chin

8) Abby Zidle moved from which publisher to work at Pocket?
A. Bantam
B. Warner
C. Harlequin

9) Jessica Zita works at which publisher?
A. Simon and Schuster
B. Grand Central Café
C. Signet

10) Leis Pedersom edits for which house?
A. Avon
B. Berkley
C. Harlequin

11) If you submit to Superromance, you’ll probably submit to ___ or ___.
A. Lauren McKenna and Jessica Zita
B. Kerry Donovan and Laura Cifelli
C. Victoria Curran and Laura Shin

12) Lara Hyde is the editor for _____.
A. Harlequin
C. Red Sage

13) Tessa Woodward is an editor for ____.
A. Grand Central
B. Bantam
C. Avon

14) Warner Books is now called ________.

15) Which of these editors does not work for Harlequin?
A. Brenda Chin
B. Susan Litman
C. Esi Sogah

16) Kerry Donovan edits for ______.
B. Avon
C. Pocket

17) Michelle Bidelspach edits for ______.
A. Harlequin
B. Leisure
C. Grand Central

18) This agency is located in New Orleans.
A. Prospect Agency
B. BookEnds
C. Ahearn Agency

19) This agency is located in Madison, Wisconsin.
A. BookEnds
B. Three Seas
C. Folio

20) If you write sexy, this is not the editor for you.
A. Hilary Sares
B. Krista Stoever
C. Raelene Gorlinsky

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Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I don't think the New Orleans agent went back after Katrina. As far as I know, she's still in NY.

MJFredrick said...

Nope, she's still in New Orleans - I got a request from her today ;)

Trish Milburn said...

Yay, Sammy picture! :)

And that cat pic cracks me up.

dawn said...

i got the last question right...
is this guy hot?

your cats & captions really are priceless.

MJFredrick said...

Dawn, I steal the kitties from

Jared is the hero in my vampire hunter book. Yes, he's TERRIBLY young, but still pretty ;)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I stand corrected. I swear, though, back in April when I sent her my query, her submissions page had the NY address!

Congrats on the request! Good luck!

I'm loving the Sammy/Jared pictures. And he's not that young. Only a few weeks shy of 25. Plenty old enough. LOL

MJFredrick said...

Natalie, still young enough to be my son - almost.


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