Books I Want to Read This Week

This week I’m reading books on other people’s wish lists on See, once I read a book and post it, someone else can request it and I get more book credits that way. Currently I’m at zero, and I’ve bought like 6 credits recently, so I need to build them up again.

So some I’m looking forward to reading this week are:

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Though if it’s good, I’ll give it to my mom to read first.

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And I’m already reading this one, waiting for Dallas’s story.

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What books are you reading this week?


kris said...

I just finished reading A REDBIRD CHRISTMAS by Fannie Flagg. Love her stuff. She manages to be tender & heartwarming without making me feel like I need an insulin shot.

I totally adored HEAVENS TO BETSY. It was funny and touching and so very real. It felt like a totally believable tale of one woman's struggles with her faith - all while dealing with work issues, sexism, and a totally unwanted romantic complication. It totally, absolutely deserved the RITA. Hope you like it, too.

Kelly Boyce said...

I just finished reading The King of Lies by John Hart and it was soooo good I couldn't put it down! Now I'm reading Kristin Higgins, Fools Rush In.

Anonymous said...

I'm continuing to read The Dresden Files books. I'm on book 5 now. I've pulled out my annual summer re-reads: Dance Upon the Air by Nora, and the Charmed Circle series by Dolores Stewart Ricco. Coming up? Changeling, the next part of the Sisters of the Moon series by Yaz Galenorn (I see you're reading the first one, Mar!), and Witch Hunt by Shirley Damsgaard. I just finished No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong.

Candy Calvert said...

Ditto on HEAVENS TO BETSY--one of the best books I've read in ages. I just finished the sequel, EARTH TO BETSY, and it was fabulous too.l
Beth Patillo is a genius with weaving humor, tenderness, and madcap action with a touch of mystery, romance and subtle yet uplifting message.



Trish Milburn said...

How fun to see all the kudos for Beth's book. She's one of my fabu CPs.

Mary, I'm reading Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank and going to start re-reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I want to re-read all the Harry books before getting 7. I actually pre-ordered the 7th book, a first for me, but I don't want anyone spoiling it for me while I wait the eons to get a copy from the library.

Toni Anderson said...

I just got Into the Dark, but finishing Mind Games by Christine Feehan right now.

Happy reading!!

MJFredrick said...

Wow, so definitely Heavens to Betsy next, huh? I didn't know there was a sequel! Though I got Shadowhawk by Jill Shalvis today - talk about book by its cover - rowrrr!

I want to reread the Harrys, and I want to read Dresden (bought Healing Brother the first book for his birthday).

Toni, have you read the other Cindy Gerards? I'm not loving Lily, but I LOVED Ethan and Darcy's story, and I'm dying for Dallas's book!

Toni Anderson said...

Yes--I've read Ethan, Eve & Nolan's books, My favorite was Ethan's I think--so far :)

I'm being very disciplined when really I just want to rip right in ;)


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