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I've been awake since 2 AM. It wouldn't be so bad, but I didn't go to bed till after 11 because of the stupid time change. AND the weatherman said it would be 49 overnight, so I dressed accordingly and woke up sweating at 2, got up and turned on the fan. The dh got home from his gig at 2:30, came to bed at 3 smelling of smoke, and by that time I was so wound up, I couldn't get back to sleep. So....2 1/2 hours of sleep...20 kids....mmm, fun.

I watched 30 Days of Night Saturday and it was just terrible. Such a great concept, and so much that could have been done...and I HATED the ending. Then I watched House of Wax last night (I know, I know, Natalie warned me.) That was really not good, but better than 30 Days of Night! I also watched a few episodes of NCIS. The dh can't figure out why I'm watching it, and neither can I. There's nothing really special in the writing, though I like the Abby and Gibbs relationship.

Don't forget to come by tomorrow for my guest blogger, Jana Mercy!

Here's the book blurb:


Janice Lynn

He was her last fling. She was his first.
Tired of dead-end relationships, KATY SIMMONS is determined to find her forever man. Only problem is every time she thinks she's found him, he turns out to be a dud and she no longer trusts her instincts where good-looking men are concerned.
After years of walking the straight and narrow while caring for his ill mother and building his career, NOAH HILTON has earned the right to let loose. He's ready to taste the wilder side of life. However, his matchmaking mother has other plans.
When Noah's mother and Katy turn to the same computer dating service, the embers of Katy and Noah's not so forgotten encounter spark to life in a flame that threatens to devour Katy's best intentions and Noah's worst.
Will Katy deny their sizzling sexual chemistry in her search for Mr. Right? Or can Noah risk his heart to become more than just Her Last Fling?




Anonymous said...

I hate the time change thing. It's too early. --Liz

KATZ said...

Hey -- did you finish testing last week? Sounds grueling.
Our weather is just as nuts here -- started off this morning in the 60's but we're having a downpour and cool front at the lunch hour.

Have to say... definitely curious about the cow! lol

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I don't think I warned you (maybe you know another Natalie). I set House of Wax to record so I can see Jared during this no-Supernatural time. I guess it sucks as bad as I expect, huh?

Two and a half hours! That's horrible! I feel for you.

I'm really not liking this extra-long daylight savings, either. Someone told me on my MySpace blog that it actually costs us money, and then I saw in yesterday's paper they had an article that said the supposed energy savings are based on faulty 1974 data and have never been substantiated (at the least, we may not need the lights as long at night, but we're using them longer in the morning!) and as a country we lose a minimum of $1.7 billion in productivity.

Yep. Sounds like a Congressional decision! LOL

MJFredrick said...

Ya know, I thought the kids might be slow because of the time change. Alas, no.

We had one TAKS test last week, have two practice tests this week, then the real Reading and Math tests the end of April. And between now and then, yes, I'll be teaching the test. Gah.

And it's cold again. I want to wear my new Crocs!!!

Sorry, Natalie, I could have sworn it was you saying even Jared wasn't worth watching that movie for. I had to close my eyes during a lot of it because of the torture.

I heard the same thing, that daylight savings COSTS. I hate driving to work in the dark.


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