Big Day!!!


Today's the big day for the Golden Heart and Rita calls!!! I know Sarah and Kelly entered - who else should I be rooting for???



More weird dreams - I dreamed I was watching a Jason Bourne movie and Matt Damon was a very awkward and geeky character until the Very Last Scene, where he killed a guy with his own belt buckle. The other dream had Tim Riggins in it, but I don't remember it as clearly. I woke up and started worrying about school. Joy.

I sent in my Wayback query, still have 30 pages to revise. I tried to start my Supernatural essay last night but starting was tough!



Marianne Arkins said...

He killed someone with his belt buckle? Love it!

Good luck with Wayback.

Kelly Boyce said...

A belt buckle you say? Hmm...

Good luck with Wayback.

I'm still waiting on the GH call. I can't get to my voice mail from work. I just want to go home and check the machine...and hope there is a msg saying 'congratulations...'

KATZ said...

Have you ever watched the show "Beauty and the Geek"?

There was an episode where the beauty had to create a comic book character, and the geek had to make her costume. Well, there was a team made up of a MALE beauty and female GEEK this season... and his hero was called "MetroMan" and he fought people with his belt buckle -- deflecting bullets as he flexed his muscles, etc. LOL

Okay, that was a long story! lol

MJFredrick said...

Re: the belt buckle - he used the point and stabbed them in the jugular (sp?)

I had another dream a long time ago where the man tried to kill someone with a weed whacker. I thought it was scary. My brother laughed his butt off when I told him.

Kelly, I'm so bummed you didn't final. I love your attitude, though! And you're off to Paris!!!

Sarah, that is hilarious!


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