Congratulations!!!! And Movies


First of all, congratulations to all the Golden Heart and Rita finalists!!! Especially Sarah Castleberry who got her first call yesterday and fellow Noodlers Theresa Ragan (DOUBLE finalist!!) and Priscilla Kissinger!!! And Kelly Parra DOUBLE finalled in the Rita! Congratulations!

If you didn’t final and wanted to, BIG HUGS. I’ve been there. Trust me – I gave some HIGH scores, and I don’t see any of the entries I judged as finalists, though the list isn’t complete. It’s all subjective, and one seven can throw you off. So don’t let it get you down long.

Wayback is with an editor (less than 24 hours between query and request!) and I still haven’t started my Supernatural essay. I’m a romance writer writing about an inanimate object and I just can’t find the tone. Plus, the dh and ds have crazy schedules this week.

I sent out 3 agent queries yesterday before work and got a rejection by the time I got home. Sigh.

I want to talk about movies today. I’ve seen a LOT of movies lately. None have been particularly cheery.
Before he went to NYC, the boy made us watch No Country for Old Men.
Javier Bardem gave me nightmares – I dreamed I was talking to him and he was explaining why he was the way he was. I think that bothered me the most about that movie – why WAS he like that? My son has read the book twice and he said it doesn’t really offer any insight. Hm. I’ve heard people complain that the movie had no ending, but it does. Just not the kind of ending moviegoers are used to. At Easter, my sister-in-law’s family was talking about how they LOVED the movie. My son has seen it at least five times. THIS I don’t get. Though it’s thought provoking, it’s not something I want to see again and again.

Then this weekend I saw Atonement.


The timeline was hard to follow, because they would show a scene in one POV, then show it again in a different POV. While I was watching it, I didn’t enjoy it, though I loved the visuals – the costumes, the scenery. BEAUTIFULLY shot. But after I was done watching it and knew what happened, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I might see it again, but I would never own it.

Then we saw The Mist.
I love Stephen King. Really I do. And this movie was very tense. You could clearly see his 50s movies influences.
BOY was it gross. And really distressing. This is the second movie I’ve seen this year (Gone Baby Gone was the other) where the lead had to make some rough choices. Do not take this as any kind of recommendation, but if you see it, let me know what you thought.

Is it any wonder I bought Enchanted after seeing those 3???


Have you seen any good movies lately? Have you heard ANYTHING about Nim’s Island, Gerry’s new movie with Jodie Foster? I thought it was coming out next week but I haven’t seen previews.


KATZ said...

Thanks so much, Mary!! I stared at my name for a while on the RWA site this morning, and it still doesn’t feel real! lol
At dh’s request, I’ve put The Mist on our Netflix queue… I believe I’ll be going to bed early the night he watches it! Ick.
I felt the same way as you did about Atonement… loved the acting, the visuals, but the story is just so depressing and tragic that I would never want to own it.

Where did you submit Wayback??

Trish Milburn said...

Congrats, Sarah!

I saw Howl's Moving Castle recently and really enjoyed it. Other than that, you know I've been watching all three seasons of Roswell this past week.

Kelly Boyce said...

I saw Gone Baby Gone on the weekend and loved it, but it was dark and gritty. I also saw Juno - much lighter and a fabulous movie.

Lee McKenzie said...

Congratulations, Sarah! Savor every moment.

Mary, Juno is on my must-see list. Is it on DVD now?

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Thank you for the congrats, Mary!! And my congrats to Sarah, Theresa, and Priscilla too!

btw, I loooooved Enchanted!


MJFredrick said...

Sarah, I know that feeling!!! Wait till you get your pin - that was my favorite part. I wore it EVERYWHERE.

Let me know what your dh thinks about The Mist. The only other person who I know has seen it is one of my students and you know....

Wayback's part of a Wild Rose Press series. We'll see....

Trish, I think I had too much Pokemon when the boy was growing up to be able to sit through that movie.

Juno comes out in April, Lee. The 15th, I think. I'm looking forward to that one.

Kelly B, didn't you love the ending of GBG? And I got a TEENY crush on Casey Affleck.

Kelly P, I'm SOOOO happy for you!!! Going to have to move that book up in my TBR!


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