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As terrible as this week has been, we have been blessed by the people around us. I know it's expected that hospitals give good care, but we received exemplary care at Northeast Baptist Hospital.

My dh dealt with the ER personnel, but he said they were all excellent and compassionate.

Brandi, the little nurse who worked with my MIL Saturday night and called us Sunday morning, didn't want to leave her shift until she was sure my MIL was okay.

Judi, who was thoughtful and efficient and there in a blink when we called her.

Tony, who was so gentle with her.

The boy who took her down for her first CT, and let her feel useful by letting her carry her chart.

Cerina, who took her down for her CT Sunday morning, so sweet and patient.

Alfred (or Albert) who was the tech who helped with her upper GI Sunday, so patient and gentle.

Amanda, the speech pathologist, who was so upset that Renea went down so quickly.

The respiratory therapist who came in yesterday, and before she left told us, "God bless you."

The housekeeping ladies yesterday, the one who did the cleaning and the supervisor, who both told us the same thing, "God bless you."

The chaplains, who understood we needed to laugh a little and cry a little.

The lady in the administrative office who hugged me and brought me tissue when I went looking for the chaplains.

Dr. Mallott, who looked as upset as my husband when he told us she would go yesterday. I honestly thought he was going to cry.

The lady in the attendance office at my son's school, who squeezed my arm and wished us good luck.

You guys, who have emailed and called and sent me your phone numbers if I want to talk.

Chris Fletcher, who emailed me from Russia when she found out.

In my MIL's letter to my dh, she said people were rude and hateful. I hope this week changed her heart.


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

When you didn't post yesterday morning, I had a feeling what had happened. I'm so sorry, for you and for your husband and all the rest of your family, for your loss. She sounds like an incredible woman, and I hope, if she was hiding her symptoms for a long time, that she wasn't suffering.

Norah Wilson said...

Hugs to you, your DH and the "boy". It's a tough time, even when you recognize the passing as a deliverance. Take care of each other.

CandaceCalvert said...

Mary, I've been holding my breath. And praying . . . I'll continue to do that for your mother in law, you, and your family. May you find peace and healing. Your family is blessed by your wonderful heart.

Big hug,


Anonymous said...

Mary, I'm so sorry about your Mother-in-law. She sounds like a very special person. Thanks for posting the link to the story you wrote about her. God bless your family.

Anonymous said...

I was at Northeast Baptist all this week, staying with my mother while she was inpatient. I wish I'd known you were there.

I'm so, so sorry for your loss, dearest Mary. Big hugs and love to you and Fred and the boy.


MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Natalie. I figured y'all might figure out when I didn't post. There was just no time.

Thanks, Norah, Candy, Elizabeth and JoAnn. JoAnn, I'm sorry your mom's been hospitalized! Is she okay?


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