Supernatural As I Watched It - SPOILERS!!!!

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I almost brought home Mama Cat from school. I thought someone had taken her but I saw her yesterday, but couldn't find her after school. :(

Then the crazy day got crazier. Instead of MIL coming for dinner, we took her to the ER because she waited till she was REALLY sick to decide to see the dr. ER on a Friday night. It wasn't too bad - they took her back right away and decided to admit her for her swollen throat and high blood pressure - but THAT took another 7 hours! Thank God for critiques and iPods and gel pens and RWR....then I was so cold I went to sit in the car and slept an hour and a half before the dh brought me home then went back. Poor dh. At least the boy spent the night at a friend's and we didn't have to worry.

Okay, I watched SPN last evening - my reactions as they happened. SPOILERS!!!!!!

Uh-oh, where’s Sammy going?

Woot – Castiel!!!

LOL, Tab. I loved Tab.

John doesn’t look too much like Papa. Where are the dimples? Right color eyes, though.

Yeah, Dean, it’s the 70s.

Love the wings in the open.

Woot – Castiel!

“Are you allergic to straight answers?”

A VW van? John, really? The Impala was only 6 years old at that point. $2200. Wow. Look how dirty she is.

Dean Van Halen – LOL!

“Are there any cattle mutilations in town?” LOLOL!

John is younger than Dean here, isn’t he?

WHAT is Dean driving? And why would Mary want John to buy a VW van?

“I’m going to hell – again.”

WHOA – Mary kicks butt! WHAT? No, no, I don’t think I like that she’s a hunter. I don’t think I like that at all. Has Kripke known this from the beginning?

“You’ve heard of him?”
“Clearly not enough.”

Samuel and Deanna. I like that. Will Dean tell Sam he was named after a woman??? I doubt it. Will he tell Sam any of this?

The family that slays together…..

“John Winchester, mixing it up with spirits? Can you imagine?”

Whoa – “He’s everything a hunter isn’t.” Poor John. He wanted a HEA.

Hey, Mary looks like Buffy.

“The very worst thing – for my children to be raised into this like I was. I won’t let it happen.” SOB!

“Promise me you won’t get out of bed.” SOB!!!!!!

Woot – Castiel!

Wait – so if Daniel had the gun that long, why didn’t he use it?

Hey, look, Sam is pinned against the wall and Jared’s not even there.

Damn, too late!

Huh – Grandpa believes Dean pretty quick, huh? Ohh…..I bet – DAMN! I was right! So glad this is on Tivo – gotta stop typing to bloop!

Grandpa is a creepy YED! Almost as creepy as John was in Devil’s Trap.

What? Wait. What about the psychic kids???? Here to choose the perfect parents – strong, pure, master race?

“So far she’s my favorite.”

“Demon blood is better than Ovaltine.”

I like Mary’s mom. NO!!!!

John doesn’t seem very sure of himself, does he? Kinda wimpy for an ex-Marine. So he never knew about her?

WHAT? John!!!

I want to watch every episode now – were the grandparents ever mentioned?

Ohhhh, no. No, no, no – 10 years! Mary, you dummy. NOT a good deal. What is WITH these Winchesters and deals?????

Ick – she had to kiss her daddy to seal it? YUCK.

How is she going to explain THAT to John?

So Mary could have taught John everything she knew but she died.

What was the point of Dean going back, then? He changed nothing.

Woot – Castiel!

Huh – destiny and destination have the same root word. I never noticed that before.

Uh-oh, Sammy’s outed. That’s why I figured Castiel was here.

Bummer, since I’m using Jared and he was only in the episode for one scene.

Hey, zombies! Cool!



Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm sure your constant mention of SPOILERS is in reaction to me spoiling you. I'm so sorry! I won't do it again. I guess I just assume that everyone watches it immediately like me, because it's my crack. I promise to be better!

I hope your MIL is okay!

Yes, John must be younger than Dean here. Dean would be 29 now, and John's probably early 20s. Mary seems to be late teens, even still in high school.

I don't expect Dean to tell Sam much, at least not yet.

They didn't show us how many bullets Daniel had at that point. 13 were made, but some were missing when it was stolen by the vamps in season 1. I bet he'd use it very, very sparingly.

From the start, I kept saying "stop WHAT?" and being very annoyed with Castiel for not telling him. Of course, he meant stopping Sam, not the past.

MJFredrick said...

No, no, Natalie, I just knew Stacy and Trish haven't seen it.

The MIL is not good, though in good spirits. They're pretty sure it's advanced lung cancer. We'll know more Monday.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm so sorry, Mary.


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