Why I Want to be a Vampire

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Why I want to be a vampire

I finally saw Twilight. I still don’t get the buzz. I mean, I liked the last half hour, when the bad guys came, but otherwise….I don’t get the excitement. Rescue fantasy, maybe? Not that I don’t have those, but…

I did decide I wouldn’t mind being a vampire. Living forever and not sleeping---do you know how many books I could get written?

Of course, I might want to do something other than write, but right now, I want to fantasize about limitless time.

I would have my Supernatural Sister blog done, and my blurb sheet for Surface done and turned in.

I would have finished, revised and submitted my historical.

I would have written another short story for TWRP.

I would have written the bodyguard story I plotted for Nano.

I would have finished my revisions on my vampire hunter story and my ghost hunter story.

I would be working on my new straight contemp idea. Because, you know, I’m just a vampire, not a machine :P

I would have time to exercise and read and clean (though maybe if I was a vampire I would be able to save money on going out to eat all the time and could hire someone to clean, right?) And if I didn’t eat, would I have to exercise? More time saving!

I could still work in the yard if I was a Twilight vamp because the only effect of being in the sunlight is sparkling.

So see? Really no drawbacks. Sad, though, that I need to turn to vampirism to manage my time!



Elisabeth Naughton said...

I don't get it either. Watched it with the 10 yr old tonight. I agree...the action started with the bad guys arriving on the scene. My nieces all assure me the book is 1000 times better.

But here's why I don't want to be a Twilight vampire...I LOVE SLEEP!!! I love my bed. I love my pillows. I love sleeping in and getting up late and snuggling into the covers and wasting a whole day with nothing to do but nap and read and nap again. The sparkling thing was kind of cool...but the cold skin thing? Ah, I'll pass.

MJFredrick said...

I listened to the book on CD and took like 6 weeks off from listening to it because I just couldn't get into it. So I didn't think the book was better. I hear the second book is better, but am not interested enough to find out.

I love sleep, too. My bed is my favorite piece of furniture, my pajamas my favorite clothes. I was just thinking if I didn't sleep so much, I could get so much more done.


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