Changing Taste in Reading

First of all, HUGE congratulations to JoAnn, who sold to Triskelion yesterday. Three of Swords will be a December release.

Second, my buddy Robyn DeHart's first book, Courting Claudia, hits stores today! It's a great historical romance with a truly swoon-worthy hero. Image hosted by

Also, check out Meg Cabot's blog today for her first release story! (The link's in my sidebar.)

Third, don’t forget to visit Contest Junkies . My story is up! What a boost.

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I have a huge TBR pile. Whenever I find a new author I like, I buy their backlist. Trouble is, I don’t always get it all read (even La Nora has a couple of titles languishing in that pile.) Or maybe I read a review of a book and think it sounds good so I buy it. Or a friend comes out with a new book so I buy it. Or I go to a booksigning and decide to try a new author. Or I get free books from National. A lot of times I give those away, but sometimes they sound good so I keep them.

Then I go to my TBR looking for something to read and I wonder why nothing appeals.

My taste has changed. I love Teresa Medeiros and Betina Krahn, but I’m just not that into historicals anymore. So Teresa and Betina sit there, along with Mary Jo Putney Amanda Quick (I’m just waiting for that day when I need one of her books. I have them, believe it or not.) Catherine Coulter and Karen Robards used to be auto-buys, now they languish on my shelf. A few summers ago, I bought every Linda Howard and Deborah Smith book, but there they sit.

Nevertheless, I buy new books. But what do I buy? I buy friends’ books, which I try to read in a timely manner so I can post reviews. I buy SIMs that catch my eye, like today, a book called Warrior something (I liked the title). I buy Bombshells.

There are still auto-buy authors, like Suzanne Brockmann and Catherine Mann, that are in my stack. I just can’t read as fast as they write anymore.

But even though I weed through, every now and then, wondering what I was thinking when I picked up a certain book, I hang onto most of them.

There is one author that I loved and I miss (The first book of hers I did choose because of its cover). Does anyone know what became of Anita Mills? She wrote medieval s, I guess you’d say, though my favorite book was Winter Roses, set in the 1100s. She also wrote a few Regencies. I think her last book was a Regency. Anyway, I loved her and wondered what became of her.


Anonymous said...

Mar, I remember Anita Mills. I loved her work. I used to read almost nothing but historicals...but now I'm down to Julia Quinn and a few medievals. I'm not sure why this is...maybe we ought to discuss it here?

Thanks for the congrats, Mar!

Love you,

MJFredrick said...

I haven't read Julia Quinn yet. The last historical I read was Robyn's. I have Bonnie Vanak in my TBR, along with Kate Rothwell, Julia London, Tina St. John, as well as the ones I mentioned earlier. I've ordered Anne Mallory, Diane Perkins and Janet Mullany. All I used to read were historicals, especially Karen Robards and Catherine Coulter. I don't know why I stopped. I sure loved Robyn's book, so why don't I read more historicals?

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Congrats on the story, Mary! I'm sorry, {{blush}} which one is it?

I do find that my taste has changed since I first began reading romances, and then writing. And I get disgusted with myself when I buy books and never read them! Sure, I could say they are part of my TBR pile, but yikes, sometimes they never get read! ;D

MJFredrick said...

Hi, Kelly! I'm not supposed to tell which one is mine, but it's a contemporary, and if you click on it, my name shows up ;)

Amie Stuart said...

Joann CONGRATS!!!!!

Mary I just bought four more books off amazon. Then bought one sunday browsing through walgreens. Bought two ebooks a month ago. All the books I bought in may at our chapter conference? i haven't read them (excuse--I was packing). I did pick up a friend's anthology and I did read half (two stories) but so far that's it.

This weekend I AM unpacking all my books 8-O

MJFredrick said...

Cece, I hear you. I want to spend a couple of days just to read, but things are snowballing as we get closer to school starting....

Shesawriter said...


I'll go check your story out. When will you know the results, btw? It's romantic suspense, right?


MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Tanya. It's contemporary romance. I have no idea when I'll know the results. They're taking submissions till August 8, so probably sometime in September???


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