My cousin's daughter

  • Michelle Koopman

    Stephanie said...

    Oh, Mary, my heart goes out to this little girl! But she's getting great care, and receiving so much love..she'll beat this thing!

    Stephanie (Bosey)

    P.S. About the wussy hero..been there. It IS fixable... but so annoying!

    MJFredrick said...

    Thanks, Stephanie. She is a tough little girl. What's scary is how quickly this disease progressed. Her grandmother noticed it on Mother's Day. Sure makes you count your blessings, though!

    Shesawriter said...


    My prayers are with that precious child. What a cutie she is. I'm hopeful because the article DID SAY her odds are good. 80% is fabulous, plus she's young so I'm confident she's got a great chance.



    MJFredrick said...

    Tanya, here's hoping Michelle is in the 80%. I can't imagine what her mom is going through.


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