I'm Getting a New Roof Today! (Or, why I didn't go to Reno)

Yep, finally got an estimate I can live with. Going to fix that leaky skylight.

If I decide to go to Moonlight and Magnolias, the plane will cost $260, conference $180, heaven knows what the hotel would be. Gulp.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

20 Things Only a Fellow Writer Could Possibly Understand

by Sheri Radford

1 The concept of a good rejection letter.

2 The contradictory emotions of envy and elation experienced when a friend gets "the call" from a publisher.

3 How you can still believe a piece of writing is good, even after it's been rejected 46 times.

4 The truth of the following equation: butt + chair + time = writing.

5 How much a form rejection letter hurts.

6 Wanting honest feedback of your writing, but wanting that honest feedback to be, "It's perfect! Don't change a word."

7 Ideas are everywhere.

8 Ideas are the easy part - it's what you do with all those ideas that's bloody difficult.

9 Writing is really, really, really hard work - even when it looks like you're just goofing off.

10 Staring out the window for an hour is part of the writing process.

11 Sometimes characters refuse to behave and insist on telling a story their way.

12 Everything is fodder for writing even the juicy secret you're sworn to secrecy about.

13 The inner critic is harsher than any outer critic could ever be.

14 Sometimes scrubbing the toilet or cleaning the garage is more appealing that writing.

15 Sometimes writing is more appealing than getting enough sleep or going out on the town.

16 A first novel shooting straight to the top of the New York Times bestseller list is just an urban myth. (It has to be, it just has to be, doesn't it?)

17 Procrastination is a crucial component of the writing


18 Sometimes bookshelves need to be rearranged, right now.

19 Having written is far more fun than writing.

20 There's always more rewriting to be done.

Sheri Radford is a member of GVC. In addition to writing romance, she writes books for kids. Her first children's picture book, "Penelope and the Humongous Burp," was published in April 2004 by Lobster Press.
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Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Mary, I almost passed out from Gerry in his sexy kilt! I hope you get to go to Moonlight and Magnolia since you finaled. Loved the list.

MJFredrick said...

Elizabeth, I knew that picture would be a hit!!

Anonymous said...

Ohmigoddess...the socks had me at hello. Gasp.

Loved the list, Mar...you're right, only other writers would get them!

Got my contract today...ooo, NOW it's real. I even have a W9 to fill out.

Head filled with legal jargon at the moment,

MJFredrick said...

Excellent, JoAnn!

LOL about the socks....wonder if I could get him in a kilt in my WIP?

Anonymous said...

PS----Sent my daughter the pic of Gerard...she's an Irish dancer, and his shoes look like the gillies she wears when she dances! She loves this pic!


Unknown said...

Good Luck Mary on making M&M! I'll be there. And congratulations on finalling! How exciting.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Teresa! I was talking to the dh at dinner, and unless something big happens soon, looks like I'll be aiming for next year's conference instead of M&M. Would love to meet you, though!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary! I'm going to M & M! Love to meet you there!

I love the kilt.

MJFredrick said...

Ohh, Kendra, you too? Y'all are making this a very tough decision!


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