(I didn't write this, but I sure feel it!)


* The birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground.

* The trees are whistling for the dogs.

* The best parking place is determined by shade instead of

* Hot water now comes out of both taps.

* You can make sun tea instantly.

* You learn that a seat belt buckle makes a pretty good branding

* The temperature drops below 95 and you feel a little chilly.

* You discover that in July it only takes 2 fingers to steer your

* You discover that you can get sunburned through your car window.

* You actually burn your hand opening the car door.

* You break into a sweat the instant you step outside at 6:30a.m.

* Your biggest bicycle wreck fear is, "What if I get knocked out
and end up lying on the pavement and cook to death?"
You realize that asphalt has a liquid state.

* The potatoes cook underground, so all you have to do is pull one
out and add butter, salt and pepper.

* Farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from
laying boiled eggs.

* The cows are giving evaporated milk. Ah, what a place to call

Good news: I’ve disciplined myself to writing 9 pages a day, only checking blogs once a day. Hopefully will have this book done by August 14.

Bad news: Molly scores back – 65 and 83. One step forward, two back, ya know?

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hehehe those are great }:)

Woo Hoo on 9 pages a day!!! That's wonderful and I'm sure being that close to finishing the book is quite the incentive.

(((hugs))) on the Molly scores.

And I just LOVE that picture!!!

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Bonnie!

This picture has me going, too.

Trish Milburn said...

Mary, what movie is that picture from?!!

Congrats on the 9 pages a day! You mark my words, when you make that first sale, you're going to take off like a rocket!

Amie Stuart said...

I LURVE that picture! Loved the book, FINALLY got to watch teh movie! LOL

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Trish. It helps that you believe in me.

This picture is from Timeline, not one of my favorite movies, especially if you've read the book. Everyone is just so - intense. I don't know. If it had been truer to the book, I would have enjoyed it more.

Anonymous said...

Mar, that pic made my whole entire day. Yeaaaahhhh. :)


MJFredrick said...

LOL, JoAnn!

I got my page count today by 1, so I'm going to watch the movie as my reward.

Shesawriter said...


You're making my mouth water. Stop it with the Gerry pics already. Oh, gosh. Now I have to go get a cold drink.


Anonymous said...

No, no...more Gerry, more Gerry... :)


MJFredrick said...

What to do, what to do??

Tanya, my photobucket account is loaded with pics of Gerry. I do have some Brad Pitt and Chris Noth, and I could look for some Sawyer.....

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

I have a brother in Texas, he tells me the same things. ;D Great job on the pages--you're blowing me away on progress!

Colleen Gleason said...

All I can say is: YUM.

Mary, thank you for taking care of my Gerry fix EVERY DAY.

I don't know what I did without your blog!


MJFredrick said...

Kelly, I'm determined. If I'd gotten it right the first time, I would only have to be doing 6 pages a day. Sigh. Live and learn.

Colleen, LOL! Sorry, Tanya. Two votes for Gerry ;)

Kim said...

Great pic.

((())) on the Molly scores. I'm still waiting my Tara ones.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Kim. Hope you get some good comments from the TARA. I've never entered that one, I don't think.

Michele said...

Love the list!!!!
9 pages?? Awesome discipline...you go girl!!!
You're "cookin" now.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Michele. I only wish I'd had this discipline as soon as school was out!

Dixie Belle said...

The same applies to Mississippi. We are in the throes of deep summer here.

Love the photos!

MJFredrick said...

Dixie, I bet you can add a few more points for Mississippi. We thought we'd get rain last night, but it passed right by us. Sigh. Did drop the temp, though.


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