We’re in Wichita, on our way home. Tonight I’ll sleep in my own bed! We slept in 4 beds this trip, so that will be nice.

I was thinking yesterday that I experienced a lot of firsts on this trip

My first time to Kansas
My first funnel cloud (in Kansas, right above the car – must go faster, must go faster)
My first time to Ruby Tuesday’s (wasn’t even hungry – probably another first)
My first time to Missouri
My first time to Iowa
My first time to see Amish people
My first vodka tonic
My first time on a motorboat
My first (and hopefully last) time to go 3 days with no shower
My first time to see a Great Lake (Superior)
My first lighthouse (Split Rock)

Seems I thought of more on the drive yesterday. The trip was nice, if a whirlwind. We arrived Friday afternoon at Dad’s house, went to the lakehouse Saturday afternoon, drove up Lake Superior Sunday afternoon and came back to Dad’s Monday afternoon. Minnesota makes a big deal of the Fourth of July – we heard fireworks Friday night, watched them over the lake Saturday and Sunday (and shot off a few of our own –the ds got a kick out of that) and watched them on two sides of the porch on Monday night, while feeling the vibration of fireworks from a third site. The ds and dh went fishing with my dad, and each tried the inner tube behind the boat. That water is freezing for us Texas folk. I talked myself hoarse (I bet you can’t believe that) and enjoyed the scenery, though may I say, Deep Woods Off was made for MN. Holy cow. Those mosquitoes strategize. You walk out the door in the morning and they’re waiting for you. We have mosquitoes in TX, but they’re not that smart.

Well, the alarm went off – better get packed and back on the road. Should be home by suppertime – another hour through KS, then 4 through OK and 6 through TX.

I tried to check out eHarlequin this morning – couldn’t find the contest thread. Anyone heard ANYTHING about the Molly?


Anonymous said...

Oh Mary,
Those mosquitos sound evil. Sounds like it was a good trip :)

Trish Milburn said...

LOL on the Texas mosquitoes not being smart. :) Oddly enough, I've heard the ones in Alaska are awful. Who knew!

I'm glad to see you back online and that you had a nice trip. Wasn't the lighthouse cool? I love lighthouses.

Anonymous said...

Mar, what a wonderful trip! All those firsts...I know you'll put them to use, too! I was chased into a mall once by mosquitos in Kenosha...northern mosquitos are actually tiny military commandos. Makes the Texas ones look almost cuddly in comparison. I haven't heard anything about the fact, I can't even sign onto the RWA National website, their logon has been a mess for days. No news from HI for me, either. And it's hotter than hot in SA, ever since you left. The dog days are here.

I'm glad you're coming home! And that the trip was so good. You deserved it.


MJFredrick said...

I'm HOME!!! Feels good. Thought my mail would be here (with my DVD of Dear Frankie) but alas, no. (At least no rejections, yes?) My kitties are happy to see me.

The lighthouse was really cool, but I worried about my grandmother going up those narrow steps. Still, it was wonderful to imagine what it might have been like, so isolated.

JoAnn, would you believe I was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans on Monday? We got out of the car in Buda to get gas and were slammed by 100 degree temps!

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the trip. Yikes on the mosquitoes.

And Eharlequin is totally messed up at the moment. They're fixing it...

MJFredrick said...

I went looking for contest news and was freaking out because there was no longer a contest board!!

I feel so out of touch....

Amie Stuart said...

Mary one of the ladies finaled in Historical so I guess calls are going out.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Cece. I really think Surface is good enough for the second round, but I've been wrong before....

Colleen Gleason said...

Hey, Mary! You got to see one of "my" lakes! Did you dip your toe in Lake Superior? If you did, you will note that it is the *coldest* m-f lake you will ever touch!

Colleen, who has never seen a funnel cloud but would like to...from a safe distance.

MJFredrick said...

Colleen, it WAS cold! I couldn't imagine the water being so cold in July. The lighthouse guides were saying they can only see the lake maybe 3 days in May and June because of fog.

The funnel cloud was very close, but not very well formed. Still, fun story to tell ;)


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