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You are a romantic writer. You're ALWAYS writing
about some significant other--about lacking
one, about wanting one, about having one, about
being with one--it doesn't matter. If it
involves even a tiny ounce of love, you're
there! Much into the works of Christina
Rossetti and the works of Alfred Tennyson, you
are a bit of a classical writer as well....but,
for the sake of all things cheesy, you're more
of a hopeless romantic than a classical writer.
You write whatever comes to mind--which usually
involves a significant other. ^^; Oh well. If
literary geniuses don't do it, who will, right?

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Speaking of the popularity of authors….

While driving through Iowa earlier this month, I was stunned to see nice blue government signs directing the way to the bridges of Madison County. Wow. Can you imagine writing a book, a novel, that was such a sensation that it becomes a tourist attraction?

I know there’s a To Kill a Mockingbird museum, and there’s probably a Laura Ingalls Wilder museum somewhere (I’d love to go there!) and maybe Gone with the Wind tours?
I know they have Harry Potter tours in London, and Sex and the City tours in NYC (Hey, it was a book first!). What are some other literary landmarks?

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Anonymous said...

there is the Eugene Field House in St. Louis. His boyhood home. There must be other authors homes that are museums now. But actual books or series, I can't think of any.

MJFredrick said...

Okay, this is embarrassing, but I had to look Eugene Fields up! And I was an English minor!

Apparently, literary landmarks are more prevalent in Europe. Sad, huh?

MJFredrick said...

Here are some Virginia ones, including Edgar Allan Poe:

Anonymous said...

Years ago, I've been to Mihailovskoye in Russia, a place where Alexandr Pushkin lived for some time (Pushkin is considered a great Russian poet; he's huge there; besides a museum, they have a park there, a monument, etc). I also have been to Mizkevich's (Polish poet) museum in Belarus, as well as the lake that supposedly served as inspiration for his poem and other places. I've been to Goethe places in Wetzlar, Germany. And I'd love to have a tour through the places of Gone With the Wind - the book is one of my favorites, as well as the movie!

MJFredrick said...

Very cool, Olga! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

There's definitely several Laura Ingalls Wilder museums. The house from Little House in the Big Woods, the House from the later books, Laura and Manly's house in Missouri. If you do a web search, you can find them all.

Anonymous said...

I liked the quiz, Mar! Mine came out as a Narrative if I can just figure out what that means...LOL


MJFredrick said...

Elizabeth, neat that some of the "Little Houses" became museums.

JoAnn, I don't see you as a narrative writer at all. Hm.


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