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I like my life.

I love my house, despite its leaky roof and messed up floor. I love the old quiet neighborhood, the big trees, the big lots. I love living a block from the priest, two from the church, so that I can hear the bells every day. I love the house itself, with its sun room and its big sliding door and the blonde wood floors. I love having two bathrooms, though that means two toilet paper rolls to worry about. I like the skylights and the big open kitchen and the way my big bed and my weird dining room table (a Chili’s reject, no kidding) fit right in. I love my crape myrtles and my mountain laurels and my trumpet vines. I love my Adirondack chair. I love that the library is close by, and three grocery stores.

I love my cats, even though one is agorophobic and one is just mean. He loves me, though.

I love my big ol’ Land Cruiser, even though the horn doesn’t work and I can’t adjust the rear view mirror, and she takes $40 to fill up.

I love my computer, which is good because we spend so much time together.

I love being able to go to the grocery store just because my son is hungry for Smores and spend $50 and not freak too much.

I love being able to go online and spend $25 on books and not freak too much.

I love (for the first time in a long time) being a teacher. I love the energy that comes with starting a new school year, the promise, almost like starting a book (but lasting a LOT longer.) I love the school, which is old but charming. I love the teachers. Time will tell if I love the kids ;)

I love summer. I love knowing that if I WANT to spent the day reading Harry Potter, I can, and no one will get after me. I love the flexible schedule. I love the sunny days, and all the green after the rain we had this week.

I love being a writer. I love writing (except for synopses). I love working to make what’s in my head appear on the page. I love when I know what someone’s talking about when they say I’m missing this, or missing that. I love doing research. I love being excited about a story, enough to write 8-10 pages a day.

It's good to be happy with who you are. Too bad it has to take almost 40 years to get there.

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Anonymous said...

Forties are FABULOUS! I'm the same way these days. Just pretty darn content where my life is! Well, I want a book sale, but I'm even content with working on that!

MJFredrick said...

It's a great feeling, isn't it, Kacey?

Now, if I could just get someone to go with me to the other Walmart, since mine didn't have the size I wanted....

Peggy said...

I love that you love everything about your life! But wait, only $40.00 to fill up??? (Big sigh) If only, I'd never be sad again! LOL

I've heard good things about turning 40! So I guess I should stop fretting and just get on with it. Can't be 35 forever (at least that's what I tell anyone who asks, hehe).


Stacy Dawn said...

I'm in the same place right now but yes, why is it that it takes us so long to accept who we are and be blessed with what we have?

Anonymous said...

You are so right, Mar. I'm at a very difficult time in my life, but ya know...I still wouldn't change it for a second. I am finally at a point where I know who I am, what I am, and where I want to go, and I have the strength and determination and faith to do it.

I dreamed last night that Triskelion eBooks offered me a contract---in my dream I signed the contract, and it was dated July 25th (today). I went online this morning to find an offer from Kristi Studts from Triskelion, offering me a contract and a December release date. I wrote her back and said, yes, I am very interested! My pen name will be Joanna K. Moore (Moore is a family name). I'm happy, dear writing sisters, very much so...even as that happiness is tempered by the other things going on in my life. I see the balance, and my head is screwed on straight. I forge ahead, grateful to the Divine for all of it, even the hard things...because the hard things transform and strengten us, and make the easy things that much sweeter. Because I have seen the shadow, I will love the light all the more. Blessed be, sisters!

In Frith,

Anonymous said...

First of all, YAY TO JOANN ON YOUR SALE!!!!!!!! That's a great book!!!!

Second of all, I did get to WalMart (2 of them) and bought 4 skirts and a cardigan.

Peggy, yes, $40 to fill up - the most I've ever paid. I usually don't let it get that low, and gas here was $2.17 last week. Of course, now it's $2.08...

Stacy, maybe we have to wait so long because we have to get through all that other garbage to get here!

Mary, who forgot her blogger password

Jill Monroe said...

I LOVE your attitude!

Anonymous said...

thanks do much for this post.I needed to remember what I loved about my life today. :-)

MJFredrick said...

Mary Beth, glad to help!

More reason to love life - we thought we'd lost our vice principal, but I found out tonight that we got him back. I'm so happy - we had such a great administration!

On the downside, 7 of my kids didn't pass the TAKS test, even after summer school, so I have to have 7 grade placement committee meetings over the next two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Great attitude!!!! :)

I love my summers are flexible as well. Great ain't it? ;)

MJFredrick said...

Kendra, it's funny because usually I like structure, so it takes me awhile to get used to NO structure. Then I have to get used to structure again in a few weeks.

Off to write a love scene.


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