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114 hits yesterday!

And first of all, HUGE congratulations to my friend and fellow WNPer,

  • Terry McLaughlin
  • ! She sold her 2005 GH manuscript to Superromance yesterday!!! Hurrah! (I know some of you are just happy she's off the contest circuit!

    I am a creature of habit. To the point where if something disrupts my habits, or threatens my schedule, I’ll think of a million reasons to get out of it. I’m not agoraphobic, but I do like my routines. Last night was my chapter meeting, and all day, I thought of reasons not to go. Hurricane Emily was a forerunner, but we only got one thunderstorm out of her. I went, I had fun, but getting me out the door is a chore. Then I got invited to the chapter critique meeting on Saturday. I dunno. A Saturday….

    Today I’m going shopping with my mom. To the Mill Stores. In another town. Even though it was my idea, I would rather stay home, in my routine.

    I even have trouble getting out to go to the movies. You know, once I’m comfortable….

    I don't make appointments - dr, dentist, hair. (The dr and dentist are a summer thing, hair is all the time) I don't like having to be somewhere at a certain time.

    I don't know why I'm like this. Maybe because 10 months out of the year, all I want is to be home, and now I've finally managed it and don't want to leave. As I told the ladies at SARA last night, when I agreed to be online moderator for the September workshop, as long as I'm in front of my computer, I'm happy.

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    Anonymous said...

    I get the same way sometimes. I like it AFTER I'm actually out there doing whatever IT is. But I always dread the whole getting ready and actually leaving thing. I think I'm a real homebody at heart.

    And tell your friend Terry congrats for me! Is it her first sale?

    Gina Black said...

    >>As I told the ladies at SARA last night, when I agreed to be online moderator for the September workshop, as long as I'm in front of my computer, I'm happy.<<

    That's exactly why I do it. :)

    Amie Stuart said...

    OMG I"M NOT alone!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I do the same thing!! However I have a religiously standing haircut appt for the mop on my head.

    Anonymous said...

    I can totally relate to this. I've gotten a little better, I think because I've had a run of very rewarding outside activities, with no disappointments. But part of that was probably because it was so long since I'd been out and done anything, it was astonishing. Everything was so colorful and interesting!

    Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

    Congratulations to your friend Terry, and 114 Hits to your blog! That's cool. I wish i knew what you were doing! Gerry must be a good luck charm.

    none said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    none said...

    I am laughing myself to death. I just wrote Gerry, Gerry, Gerry, is he not a hunk! I mean I wrote that from my mind and then I went back and looked at your post and you HAD IT TOO! Giggling like a school girl. We had the same thought, cause all I did was look at the pic before I posted a comment, then I went and read the post.

    I love this guy. He is always an inspiration for one of my characters.

    Great blog. I love YELLOW and sunflowers. It's beautiful!

    MJFredrick said...

    You don't know how relieved I am to find out I'm not alone! I thought I was turning into Ambrose, Monk's brother!

    I got these really cute magnets at this one store in the Tanger Outlet. They're romance cover-y looking, and have funny quotes: "The things I'll do for chocolate," "I wonder if he's this good with a vacuum," "I'll tell him about his honey-do list later," and "I should hide the remote more often." I think I'll take them to the next chapter meeting and put them with the door prizes. My favorite store was Pfaltzgraff - I got these ice cream dishes shaped like cones for $2 each, and they had these pretty salad plates, but I left them there. My mom got a dress at Coldwater Creek for $20! I wanted clothes, but alas, no.

    Yes, this was Terry's first sale. She's been killing on the contest circuit for years. I'm so happy for her!

    My latest event to avoid is the critique meeting on Saturday...I haven't said I'll GO, but still....

    MJFredrick said...

    LOL, Janie! Yes, Gerry has been the inspiration for my last ms and my WIP!

    Elizabeth, I have no idea why some days I get so many hits - I think it's Gerry, I really do!

    Esri, HOWDY!! Hey, where's Charity's blog?

    Stacy Dawn said...

    Let me just say that WHOA do you know how to pick a hero!! LOL! I know what you are going through...I am such a homebody and content to be so especially since we moved to the country!

    And please forward major congrats to your friend Terry...that's awsome!!!


    MJFredrick said...

    LOL, Stacy. He is very inspirational!

    No wonder you want to stick home - I've never lived anywhere but Texas, and all within a 20 mile radius of where I am now!

    Amie Stuart said...

    LOL MaryI even grumble because the grocery store (and starbucks) are no longer across the street 8-O

    MJFredrick said...

    Yes, yes, yes, Cece! I used to enjoy going to the grocery store. Especially in the summer time when I could take my time, go any old time I want. I don't even like that anymore.

    Unknown said...

    Very entertaining blog. You write well.

    Janet Gurtler said...

    I read your profile and laughed. I too am a movie fanatic. I'm so caught up in the lives of celebrities it's embarrasing. Like Jude Law. What were you thinking?

    Great to hear about Terry. I don't know her, but I recognize her name. How great for her right before the conference.

    MJFredrick said...

    Thanks, Madie, and welcome!

    Janet, I just found out about Jude - what an idiot! Did you check out The Lowdown? Great pop culture blog. I was just IMing with a girl who NEVER watches movies. NEVER. And she doesn't have cable. But she loves commercials. I couldn't live!

    Shesawriter said...


    This is great news about Terry! WOW. :-)


    MJFredrick said...

    Tanya, isn't that great? And under the wire for National!

    Anonymous said...

    Congratulations Terry.
    Mary--I'm SO like that! I get nervous if I have a lot of visitors too because it throws off my routine!

    Yesterday I had 9 visitors and I swear I almost had a panic attack! (Not literally) but I thought it was about to happen until everyone left!

    MJFredrick said...

    Yes, yes, Kendra! I used to entertain a lot, but now I hesitate for that very reason.

    Larissa Ione said...

    Oh, it's so nice to hear that others are like me. ANY disruption in my writing schedule throws me off for days. I never make appointments--haven't been to the dentist in YEARS. (Though I finally had to make one for next month.)

    I hate just grocery shopping...


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