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I graded 44 essays yesterday, judged two Gateway entries and played with my new story. Oh, and encountered a case of road rage. Yes, probably my fault (though I did check the lane before I turned) but DAMN, this old guy followed me, just laying on the horn. It was pretty damn scary. Scariest part? How mad I was getting.

Okay, this week.

1) SARA, new restaurant, far. Bleh.
2) 50 pages on BD – all new. I have a strong ending, I just need, well, what I’ve needed from the beginning, how they find the kid.
3) Enter Hot Shot in Golden Palms
4) Enter BD in Emily
5) Send query and synop of BD out
6) Get PTA songs and start practicing
7) Keep up house
8) Keep up at school

Back to Justin while I finish BD for real - I LOVE this picture!

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Trish Milburn said...

True road rage is scary -- a furious person with a 1- or 2-ton weapon.

Good luck on your goals.


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