Whine Whine Whine


Why this week sucked:

Open House

No writing since Monday (on the phone forever Tuesday, Open House Wednesday, judging last Golden Pen entry Thursday)

Got yelled at by a parent who I’d been doing a favor by keeping her son after my contract time so she could come get him – all because his daddy came to pick him up, well, not on time, but earlier, and the kid didn’t know, so he wasn’t looking for him, and the dad had to drive around several times because he doesn’t know where we release the kids because, well, never been on time before and didn’t bother to come to Open House. AND the mom called to yell at the people in the office.

No letter from Susan

My iTrip isn’t working because the station I was using is now a Catholic station and I can’t figure out how to reprogram it. Imagine my surprise when I turned on Twilight only to hear The Rosary.

The teachers went out to dinner before Open House and I couldn’t have a beer because one of my students was there. (I have 2 teacher kids in my room.)

Only 50 votes in the Gather contest – Caren and Sarah have HUNDREDS. I don't even KNOW hundreds of people.

Way for a short week to seem like a billion years.

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Jennifer Shirk said...

Grrr. Parents like that stink.

I'm laughing at that "Renegade" song playing.
Reminds me of when my hubby was in college. One of his roommates got arrested for stealing hood ornaments and when he came back to the dorm, they blasted that song to bust his chops. LOL!
Have a good weekend!

MJFredrick said...

Thanks for the commiseration, Jennifer!

LOL on his friends playing RENEGADE!!!


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