Small Town Cliches

I can has bed time storee?

Speaking of, my reading has slowed WAY down since school started! I still have over 100 pages to go in Midnight Moon! I read, just not long.

I just found out I'd volunteered to judge ANOTHER contest. At least they're spaced out. I finished judging the Golden Pen, now I'm getting Gateway to the Best.

I also found out 4th grade is doing the October PTA program. So if anyone out there has good ideas for an EASY show we can put on.....much appreciated!

14 of my 22 kids showed up for Open House with their parents - GREAT turnout. It helped that it wasn't raining, since we, you know, HAVE NO SIDEWALKS. Open House started at 5:30, our faculty meeting ended at 4:15, so we ran to get something to eat. When we came back at 5:15, we had people waiting for us! Yikes! I was never so grateful to get in my car and come home - alone time!

Have you seen the new iPod? It's like the iPhone without the phone - wi fi capable and everything! The dh pointed out since the boy and I both got iPods this summer, he's next. AND they're dropping the price of the iPhone $200!!! Can you imagine those folks that paid $600???

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I haven't written since Monday....but I've been thinking about my small town story. There are so many cliches that go with a small town story - how do you avoid them? Here are some I can think of at 5:50 in the morning:

power hungry mayor

crotchety bartender (or diner owner, if you're talking Gilmore Girls)

young woman who owns her own business

Someone's in the town reluctantly - either never left and resents it or came back for family duties.

Either law enforcement is corrupt/lazy - or the hero

What are some cliches you can think of? And how does one avoid them?

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Jennifer Shirk said...

I played around with that new Ipod. One of my 13 year-old nephew's friends has one.
Hey, I don't even have one and I have to need it more than a 13 y/o!

But I digress...

Back to small town cliches. Hmmm... People ALWAYS gossip at the local beauty parlor (and apparently there's only one in town) LOL!

And the new person in town is always thought of as "shady" at first. LOL!

Deborah Beckers said...

I just ordered the 8GB RED (Product) nano from apple.

I have MUCH Apple love, but I cannot justify getting hte flat screen one and I can't get the phone as it's not available in Canada yet =(

I just stick with my Crackberry.

(Hi, BTW - I'm Deb - I lurk usually, found you through Michelle Rowen's blog).

MJFredrick said...

Jennifer, I'm with you - why does a 13 year old need one??? Soooo pretty.....

LOL on the beauty parlor - and it's always called CURL UP AND DYE, right?

HI, DEB!!! So cool you found me through Michelle - she's awesome. We are a Mac family, which means we have an original iMac and iBook (the latter needs to be updated ;) Have fun with your Nano!


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