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So I was playing with my small town story last night and thinking about what the hero and heroine could be, and so I made a list of possible jobs in small towns. I’m trying so hard not to mimic Gilmore Girls or Friday Night Lights or anything. I think I’ve come up with some good ideas.

I also need to populate this town, and I was thinking of what characters to have that aren’t already out there.

So…I’m putting you to work. Since I’ve lived in a big city all my life, what are some small town jobs? What are some nuances of a small town I might play up, without being clich├ęd?

This is so completely Corbett, my hero/villain in Spy Girl.

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Kelly Boyce said..., cobbler, craft/yarn store, small market/grocery/fruit store, corner candy shop, old folks home, pharmacy, tourist shop, cafe, coffee shop...I'm trying to remember all the stores from where I grew up...

Trish Milburn said...

The main employers in the small town where I grew up were the city/county government (court house workers, road crews, police, etc.), the school system (teachers, office workers, administration, custodians, bus drivers), and the hospital (doctors, nurses, clerical, aides). In addition to the businesses Kelly mentioned, there are auto parts stores, garages, antique shops (or junk stores), tire shops, usually one furniture store, the small weekly newspaper, hair salon/tanning bed, a hunting/fishing supply shop, a couple of attorneys, one or two funeral homes, the senior citizens center (which serves lunches, transports older residents, etc.), a place where weekly auctions are held (ours was called, I kid you not, The Auction Barn). Okay, I've about exhausted my mental wanderings down the streets of my hometown. :)

Anonymous said...

pretty much what's in a city except there's only one. And of course there's one HEB and one Super Wal-Mart


MJFredrick said...

Wow, good to know I have some small town girls here!

I'm thinking the hero will run the sporting goods shop, the heroine's former fiance will be the coach. Not sure what she'll do yet.....


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