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I got up, started making breakfast, and a voice comes from the couch - "You slept in till 4:45, huh?" My dh slept on the couch last night and I didn't even notice!

This is what I did when my kids were in computer lab the other day.

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Let's see if I can actually stick to it.

My Friday Night Lights DVD came yesterday - I want to glom it and Gilmore Girls this weekend.

According to the informal ranking poll on, I came in the top 100 with votes/views. Oh, well. Still a small chance of getting chosen by the panel.

From Cynthia Sterling's newsletter:

Mary Theresa Hussey spoke on behalf of Patience Smith for Silhouette Romantic Suspense – formerly Silhouette Intimate Moments. The line was re-launched in February 2007 with a new look. These books are love stories with a hint of suspense. The word count is 55,000 - 60,000 words computer word count. Writers should jump into the romance write away and get to the heart of the conflict within a few pages. The stories have elements of suspense but the focus is on the romance. This is not the place for gritty details of the suspense plot. Paranormal elements are welcome as long as these elements are very subtle and shouldn’t play a major role in the story. They welcome military stories, espionage, international settings. They’re actively looking for new authors.

Um, what am I missing here? Why is it called Romantic Suspense if there's just a hint of suspense? Am I NEVER going to fit in at HQ?

Any suggestions of good SRSs to read?

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Jennifer Shirk said...

Nice spreadsheet.
I'm jealous.
My computer doesn't have excel.

Sorry, haven't read any SRS. Read quite a few ARs--and I STILL don't know what they want in that line. LOL!

Toni Anderson said...

I love Loreth Anne White's SRSs. They're very good.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I don't understand that either, Mary. My friend writes for HQ's Intrigue line and even she's confused by the SRS line - her question continues to be, "If SRS is romantic suspense, what the hell am I writing????"

Kelly Boyce said...

I'm glad someone else makes meticulous lists like I do!

MicheleKS said...

Mary, your spreadsheets look great but they scare me (I'm the ultimate fraidy-cat when it comes to organization).

As for SRS, what I've always liked about them is all the interaction between the hero and heroine. My favorite ones (including Loreth Ann White's :)) have the hero and heroine together constantly. And that's the kind of story I not only like to read but to write.

Marianne Arkins said...

LOVE the spreadsheet... it calls to me. I'm going to have to do something like that!

I like Suzanne McMinn as a Romantic Suspense author.

Hang in there...

Anonymous said...

Strange. MOST of the RS's I've read this year have been heavy on the suspense. I was surprised how heavy. That's why I subbed to them. Hmmmmmm. Maybe they'd have the answer on the writing for SRS board.

MJFredrick said...

Aww, Jennifer! I wish I knew how to use Excel better, though. LOL on not knowing what American wants. A Man for Maggie was awesome - have you read that one?

So Loreth and Suzanne still write for SRS? I read them when they were SIM.

Elisabeth, I listened to the workshop today and was even more confused. The spotlight was saying the SRS books are more like Mr. and Mrs. Smith (YAY) and Thomas Crown Affair, which are a lot more suspensey than the Cynthia Sterling newsletter would have me believe. But I still didn't get the distinction when they talked about Intrigue.

Kelly, making them is the fun part. Sticking to them....well....

Michele, I made a list at work the other day and felt better, so I thought instead of trying to keep everything in my head, or on too many different lists, I'd make a chart. And I feel better!

Mary Beth....why didn't I think of going to eHQ? Dang, I haven't been there in awhile. BAD Mary.


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