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So I’ve made the cover for my new untitled book. It looks great.

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Needs a title.

I thought, well, At (Name of Town) would be good, right? Only I haven’t named the town either. It’s a coastal town in Northern CA. I’m thinking craggy rocks, isolated beach, and a forest, but also a marina.

My heroine Ellie delivers mail and loves the outdoors, my hero Noah is a widower who owns a sporting goods store, an outdoorsy guy who likes to fish. My heroine just broke up with her boyfriend, the high school coach, and the town is mad at her for it. So she’s hesitant about getting involved with the hero under the watchful eyes of the town.

Any ideas?


Jennifer Shirk said...

How about the town be called...

Castle Rock? (actually, that might be real) LOL!

Baron Creek
Baron's Edge
Baron Hill
Silver Creek
Silver Canyon
Cooper's Rock
Hartwell Canyon
New Mountain

I better stop. LOL!
Good luck with the title!

Anonymous said...

Playa City (beach), Las Barrancas (canyon), Bosque City (forest), Colina Plata (silver hill) or Plata Hills.

It is California, home of San Francisco, Monterey and Sacramento.:)


Kelly Boyce said...

I love the premise of the book! Sounds like a great read. I'm horrible at titles but I like the idea of having 'Creek' as part of the town. Sounds outdoorsy to me!

Marianne Arkins said...

I'm with Lupe on this one -- so much of California is rich with Mexican history and names... San Jose, Los Angeles, etc. I think you'd be well served to use that.

And, Jennifer, I know there's a Castle Rock in Colorado... not so sure about California.

Good luck Mary!

MJFredrick said...

I love the idea of a Spanish name. I was thinking Santa something. Or something Circle.

Thanks for the suggestions. Jennifer's suggestion of Silver made me think Golden...Golden state, right?


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