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I didn't do much yesterday besides watch Tivoed shows. Well, I did the grocery store thing, and had my MIL for dinner and talked to my mom and watched my SIL's sister get married in Vegas on the Internet, but mostly I watched TV.

What I thought:

I enjoyed the first episode of Heroes. I particularly love Hiro's story.

I like that Bones is going to have a story arc with the cult murders. I know that bugs some people. I thought Hodgins's new haircut was adorable.

Reaper was enjoyable. Maybe not Must See, but enjoyable.

Bionic Woman - meh. Interesting that THREE actors from Battlestar Galactica were on.

My Name is Earl - I'd kind of lost interest in this show last year, but DANG, did it come back with a bang. I LOVED the way it was written, the dilemma Earl was in in prison. Just awesome. Best premiere yet.

The Office - wish they'd had more Jim and Pam, of course. Otherwise funny.

Grey's Anatomy - meh. After last season I expected Shonda to come back with a bigger bang. This didn't feel like a season premiere and I hate George/Izzie and Alex was a wimp and I miss Burke.

Las Vegas - enjoyed Tom Selleck, but that was it.

Moonlight - didn't Tivo on Friday because LV was on 2 hours, so it Tivoed on Saturday only the football game went long, so I only saw 10 minutes. Enough that I want to see it again, but why does the vamp look like Tad from AMC? I tried to watch on, but it crashes my browser. Do not like that.

Still to come: SUPERNATURAL, Friday Night Lights, Men in Trees, and Jericho.

What did you see this week that you liked?

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dawn said...

we caught the last end of the office. that show still does it for me...and i loved the estate sale scene. :)

Paula said...

I watched Chuck before Heroes and LMAO. Really enjoyed it more than thought I would.

Toni Anderson said...

I missed Earl!! :(

I PVRed the rest :)

Amie Stuart said...

Loved Heroes, loved Reaper, loved Bionic Woman (and BTW the guy who redid BSG also redid BW--thus the BSG actors--I love me some Katee Sackhoff -sp?)

Anyway....loved LIFE and the time traveling guy show (name escapes me) and Prison Break and K-ville (I hope it makes it going up against Heroes!)and SHARK!...Ugly Betty almost made me CRY!

Waiting on Jerricho and SUPERNATURAL!

Anonymous said...

Mary, you're right about Grey's - the season premiere didn't seem that exciting. Maybe this week's show will be better.

I didn't like Bionic Woman, too gory, too futuristic-looking and not in a good way, too dark (as in lighting). Doesn't hold a candle to the original.

Missed 'Cane' with one of my favorite actors, Jimmy Smits, will catch tomorrow.

Watched 'Private Practice' but it's not a show that I won't mind missing even though Amy Brennamen is on and I like her (but maybe I liked her on Judging Amy because I love Tyne Daly who was also on that show.)

'Dirty Sexy Money' - straight out of the headlines, Paris Hilton, etc.

'Desperate Housewives' - not sure about this show anymore. Dana Delaney is a new neighbor with secrets. Probably won't continue watching. Miss 'Army Wives' on Sunday night but that show won't return until the Spring 2008.

'Brothers and Sisters' - can't get used to gay men kissing, but then I tend to cover my face when a man/ woman kiss. :) I like Sally Field, though.

The only show that I'll watch again is 'Grey's'.

Can't spend all week watching TV. I have to write. LOL


MJFredrick said...

LOL on the estate sale, Dawn!!!

Chuck, huh, Paula? Getting to the TV before Heroes, though....

Toni, make sure you see it in the reruns - it was SO well written!

Amie, I saw on your blog about the same guy doing BW as BSG - cool! I haven't seen last night's BW yet.

Lupe, I HOPE Grey's is better this week. I plan to watch on the computer, since Supernatural and Office are opposite.

The one I forgot to mention watching was Big Shots. I love all the actors in that show, but it made me feel ugly - the characters weren't in the least heroic. Kinda a Desperate Housewives with guys.


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