Sore and Shallow Mary


I printed this one out to take to school. My desk is a serious mess.

I'm feeling a little too sore today to sit at the computer chair - I got my Indiana Golden Opportunity contest results back via email and Ghost Hunters got SPANKED. I came in 4th from the bottom. Ouch! So I moped last night. I figured I must like this story more than I thought for it to bother me so much. I should feel better knowing that the same entry was the one that got the mean remarks in Golden Gateway, and I've since revised, but still....ouch. Perhaps contests with the word GOLDEN are not for this story.

I started reading Shelter Mountain last night, a book I've been looking forward to reading. But the description of the hero put me off. Yes, he was in Virgin River, but not the hero, so I didn't care. But he's described as big (not a problem), balding and with a diamond stud earring. I'm picturing a wrestler type, and that doesn't appeal to me. He started talking to the heroine and reminded me a bit of Rocky - not the "Yos" and the accent but the way he goes on and on. Even though I don't find ROCKY attractive, I love the character.

Is it important to you that the hero in a book you're reading be attractive? What turns you off?

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Anonymous said...

Mar, I'm sorry about the contest result. Onward and upward.


MJFredrick said...

Thanks, JoAnn! I'm feeling better today, but I moped all morning.

Of course, I was moping because I spent $238 at the grocery store, too....

April said...

Hugs, Mary! Glad you're feeling better... it's never fun to get those sort of results. Here's hoping the next is GREAT!

Toni Anderson said...

That is a really nice picture :) Sorry about the contest. I always get spanked LOL!

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, April and Toni!!! I'm almost recovered!


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