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I’ve been listening to Supernatural podcasts this week. I don’t know if you know, but Sam is supposed to be the hero of the show.

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From a writer’s perspective, that makes sense. The story starts in his POV (well, after the fire), he has the most adjustment, he has the call to adventure when Jessica dies. He’s usually the one to come up with the solutions. Buuuuuttttt…

Dean is the one who does the right thing, who makes the hard choices. Dean is the one I see as the hero.

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There’s discussion that Jensen (Dean) is the better actor. I do think he’s faboo, but Jared (Sam) is a hometown boy ;) Still, could he pull off the nuances Dean does?

Jared plays everything with such intensity. The only episode I’ve seen him Not Intense is Hell House, the one where they’re playing jokes on each other. I wonder if that’s his acting style or the way Sam is written. I’d like to see him lighten up, but that’s not likely to happen since now he’ll be looking for a way to save Dean from his deal with the devil.

Jensen plays things lighter, but…he plays Dean almost the same way he played Alec on Dark Angel. Still, neither character seems to be like Jensen, who seems much quieter in real life than in character. I also heard reviews on the play A FEW GOOD MEN (Trish, they said it was a small theater – I WISH we could have gone!) and that he did an admirable job in that as well.

So I’m wondering if Dean is the more sympathetic character because of his acting, or because of the way he’s written.

Our AC went out yesterday. FORTUNATELY, we’d bought a new outside unit at the beginning of the summer, but my brother was too hurt to put it in. He’s coming over tomorrow to show the dh and ds how to put it in, and I guess he’ll wire it. I woke up at 4, realized the dh was sleeping on the couch, where it was cooler, and knew I couldn't get up to write. I (unbelievably) fell back asleep and DREAMED I got up and that the ds came out and got mad at me for being so loud.

Good thing we won't be home today - we’re off to the coast!

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Trish Milburn said...

I wanted to go to that play too. Oh, well.

MJFredrick said...

Que sera, sera ;)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Ooooh, great topic! (Feel free to delete this comment if it gets too long/obnoxious LOL)

I've seen Jensen in Devour and Smallville as well as in Dark Angel, and I've seen two seasons of Jared in Gilmore Girls and in Cry Wolf. I definitely think Jensen is the better actor, but that Jared has come a LONG way in a year, and that they have learned from each other.

Jensen does have the nuance, and his emotion comes from inside. Jared's tends to be a little more put on, but the episode Born Under a Bad Sign was a masterpiece of layering.

It will be interesting to see Jared play Thomas Kincaid. Probably not lighter...but very different, I imagine, from Sam.

I've been rewatching a lot of SPN at the same time I've been watching Dark Angel, and I agree that Dean and Alec are very similar characters, and therefore there are a lot of similarities in the way Jensen plays them. But there are a lot of (subtle) differences, too. Alec is slicker, more of a player, and cares what others see him as--he puts on a persona and uses charm to deflect, to protect the emotions that are very, very soft. On the other hand, Dean is hard. He doesn't give a rat's ass what anyone but Sam thinks about him, and his jokes are an illusionist's distractors. His pain is much deeper than Alec's, and he's not reaching out the way Alec is--he isn't as desperate to be touched or connected.

Some of the difference is physical maturity, some is experience and improved ability, some is the writing on the page. Jensen's character in Devour was much more simple, much more open and vulnerable, and the one in Smallville was much more normal. He didn't catch my attention in Smallville at all, and now I want to stare at him all day long. LOL

I would have given my firstborn child to see him in AFGM. If only my sister-in-law had given birth two months early... (No, of course I don't mean that! :)

MJFredrick said...

Love your comments, Natalie, since you said what I wanted to say, only better! I started watching Smallville because of Jensen, but yeah, he wasn't very compelling, though beautiful.

I've also seen Jared in Flight of the Phoenix, and something else, but I can't remember. He had a lot of opportunities very young, I think.

I wonder if we could get Jensen to do a reprise of the play ;)


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