September sucks

I usually really like September, but this year I’m ready for it to end. Here’s a rundown.

1) car accident in Land Cruiser. LC dented, everyone okay. But this is an 18 year old car and it’s getting hard to get parts. Apparently they put magnets in them back in the day.

2) no oven for most of the month. Finally found parts for 50 year old oven (see a theme here?)

3) mother in law in hospital (I’m going chronologically, not in order of importance, in case you’re wondering.) She almost died, now is going stir crazy and has at least 2 more days in. We were hoping she’d get out tomorrow. Meanwhile, we’re at the hospital every night till 8:30.

4) Son suspended from school for the stupidest reason ever – having flyers advertising his band, which is playing at a bar next weekend.

5) 100 plus temperatures this past week! (But who knew, because we were at the hospital)

Reasons September was good…..

1) two requests (though will I get the second one out by the end of the month? Who knows?)

2) placed 3rd in the PASIC and should be getting some $$ any day now ;)

3) still love my class

4) new TV season that I haven’t gotten to watch

5) Serenity!!

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Anonymous said...

Hugs on all the September woes. But October is coming. Maybe there will be a sale in there soon?

Stacy Dawn said...

(((Mary))) Hope everyone is home and/or and healthy soon!

Anonymous said...

(((Mary))) Here's hoping your October is fantastic!!!

Amie Stuart said...




Toni Anderson said...

((Mary)) Sometimes things just all go down together--but think on the good things!!!

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, guys. No sale forthcoming unless I get this book in! ARGH!

Anonymous said...

(((((((((((Mar)))))))))))) You're having a September like I had a July. It so sucks, big time. I'm with you, cherie, all the way.


MJFredrick said...

Thanks, J.

Trish Milburn said...

Here are some super-size hugs for you. I'm hoping you begin October with a big fat win in the Maggies this weekend. Go, Mary!

But I know what you mean about the whole September sucks thing. I got the Bombshell rejection this month and have been soul searching, trying to figure out what to do. But today I got a request for my newest YA, so guess what I'm going to be working on. :)

MJFredrick said...

Yes, you have had a sucky September, too, Trish, but WTG on the request!!!!

Trish Milburn said...

Thanks, hon. Let's hope Colleen's news is the first of many good things to come this fall.


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