What I Don't Get

I haven't blogged about the hurricane because it just hits too hard, ya know? But what I don't get, other than the obvious preparedness question, is why people do things like walk-a-thons and telethons and concerts to raise money. Wouldn't people who are going to give money give money without that? I don't understand people who won't give unless they get something out of it. Can someone explain this to me?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes these walkathon things are done just to organize the giving...but right now, everyone should just do it, without the trappings. Set up an empty water jug, fill it up with donations, take it to the Red Cross or Salvation Army. Then go out and fill it up again. Simplicity rules now.


MJFredrick said...

My thing is, are people living under rocks? Do they not know where to go to give? I mean, even if you don't have cable or internet, the local stations tell you where to give to the Red Cross. Stores have collections. I don't understand going to the expense of having a telethon or a concert, when THAT money could go to the Red Cross, or whoever.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to understand what's been going on. It's hard for me to understand how some people lose their human morals in the face of survival. :(

MJFredrick said...

That's another thing, Michelle. I just heard that people were shooting at the contractors trying to dam up the levies. So the police killed 5 of them, in addition to - how many did they kill on the bridge? 5 more?

Anonymous said...

I think that maybe, for people not directly effected, the devastation becomes an abstract thing. They might say, "Oh, how horrible," in passing. The walkathons, telethons, etc, might serve as reminders and help relief efforts, even resulting in larger donations. And the people organizing and participating in those efforts feel like they're doing something to help.

It may seem odd and difficult to understand, but my own philosophy on this is Whatever Works.

MicheleKS said...

Yesterday the people I worked with searched the 'net and local media outlets looking for ways to directly volunteer with the relief efforts. They didn't just want to give money, they wanted to do something. So they're going to the shelters and help the people there themselves.

Despite the politics of the situation, I think you'll see acts of kindness, genorsity, and compassion like nothing before. And most of them will go unrecognized because the people doing them aren't doing it for recognition. They're doing it because they can. And God bless them for it.

MJFredrick said...

Okay, Lynn, that makes sense to me. You're so eloquent!

Michele, I heard they were turning volunteers away.

Peggy said...

What I don't get, or what ticks me off, are these celebrety "athons"? Just because they are able to lure Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts to a telethon and ask for my money, makes me want to gag. I'm suppose to give money simply because Tom Cruise has asked me? Crap, buddy, donate 90% of your paycheque, then we'll talk!

Yes, we should all help, but get the celebrities off my TV! Or at the least, remove the diamond earings from your ears when pleading for donations!

My two cents.

MJFredrick said...

YES, Peggy!!! Now, I did hear John Grisham donated $5M and Nicholas Cage donated $1M. Ellen DeGeneres is FROM New Orleans, her family lost everything. She's hosting a telethon.

But then some celebs may be doing more and just not want it known.

MicheleKS said...

We heard that yesterday Mary but they were going to keep looking for opportunities. And there are going to be a lot of them.

I'm glad I don't have my cable hooked up to my TV. I know I'm missing things but not that much. Telethons are well-intentioned but kind of nausating. And a lot of famous people like to keep their giving under the radar.

MJFredrick said...

I figure in a few weeks the volunteers might slack off, and maybe that will be a better opportunity to help.

Amie Stuart said...

LOL I"m afraid I'm with Peggy. Just shut up and write a check already. Okay that was harsh, I'm sorry. I haven't had enough coffee today. But I have seen other musicians making donations and Deion Sanders challenged every professional athlete to give 1000.00. But you're right I think many donations and acts of kindness (like Dole) will fly under the radar.

MJFredrick said...

Was it Al Gore who chartered a plane to get people out? He didn't even want to be recognized for it. Refreshing.


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