I'm listening to Breaking Point on audio CD now that I've listened to all the relevant workshops from 2004 and 2005. Now, I mostly love Suzanne Brockmann, so I'm thinking the reason this book is not pulling me in is the reader. He has a Casey Kasem voice. Now, some of you may not know Casey Kasem, but his voice is kinda....well.....whiny. I think Suzanne Brockmann books should be read by some guy with a deep, smooth voice, so you can kind of hear the hero talking. Of course, this is Max, who is not my favorite character, but he'd have more of a chance with me if he had a nice voice. The same narrator read Hot Target and the one before this....can't remember the title. But I'm ready to chuck the CD and just add the book to my TBR.

I've listened to a lot of audio CDs and some are dead on perfect. Caroline McCormack (the original psychologist from Law and Order) read some of Nora's earlier single titles and did a great job. The first three Stephanie Plums had two different actresses with Jersey accents that were great. The Bet Me audio book was great. The Da Vinci Code was good.

Now, don't think this bad experience will put me off audio books. Jennifer Crusie's new one will be out soon, and I think I have a Susan E. Phillips on my MP3 player. I have an hour commute, round trip, and "reading" in the car makes it bearable.

What's your take on audiobooks? Any recommendations?

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Dana Pollard said...

I think they're great! And if you don't want to lay down the bucks to buy one... try your library, OR, you can go to your local Cracker Barrel and 'rent' one for like $3.

Nikki said...

Haven't listened to one yet -- keep meaning to but never getting around to it.

Casey Kasem is a horrible choice though! He didn't do any long distance dedications during the reading, did he?? :)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

You didn't mention Harry Potter...I can't remember if you're a fan or not.

I'm listening to the Order of the Phoenix for at least the seventh time (second time since July and the release of Half-Blood Prince). Jim Dale performs all six books (on this side of the pond) and when I say "performs," I mean it. He's won Grammys for his performances. He does different voices for each character--150 in Goblet of Fire--and really makes you LIVE the stories. He has ruined me for other audiobooks, because no one else does them so good.

So even if you've read the books, listening to them is a whole 'nother experience and well worth trying. Really makes commuting more tolerable.

Toni Anderson said...

Haven't listened to one for ages--no MP3 player :( But I used to listen to Michael Connelly's stuff on tape--for big journey's with DH. Of course with kiddies in the car it tends to be nursery rhymes!!!

Trish Milburn said...

I agree that the Harry Potter books were fantastic as read by Jim Dale. The reader for Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak mystery series is great too.

There have been some readers that have made me stop listening to a book because I couldn't stand their voice.

MJFredrick said...

I used to check out tapes from the library, but they're seriously lacking in CDs and my Scion just has a CD player. Natalie, I had Order of the Phoenix on tape - got it for $8 or something, and never got to listen to it before we traded in the Jeep. I will definitely look into getting them on CD - I love those stories!

Anonymous said...

Don't know why, but I always liked Johanna Lindsay audio. Sandra Thompson is a good audio as well.


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